Biography of

Charles Edward Duble

13 sep 1884 (Jeffersonville) - August 1960 (Jeffersonville)
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Charles Edward Duble (September 13, 1884, Jeffersonville, Indiana – August 1960) was an American band musician and composer. He played for 23 years in circus bands. His career started as trombonist with Sun Bros. Circus in 1909, and he played in others such as Gentry Bros. Dog & Pony Show, H. W. Campbell's United Shows, John Robinson's Big Ten Shows, Barnum & Bailey's Greatest Show on Earth, Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus, Sells-Floto Circus, Sparks, Robbins Brothers, the Miller Brothers 101 Ranch Wild West Show, Russell Bros. Circus, Downie Bros., and finally under the baton of Merle Evans, with Ringling Bros.& Barnum & Bailey Combined Shows. Duble was a tall, lanky trombone player with a notable sense of humor. He left the sawdust trail to return to Jeffersonville until his death. He was elected to the Windjammers Circus Musicians' Hall of Fame in 1980.



(Names in parentheses are publishers, w/ copyright dates)

  • Across Canada (R F Seitz 1909)
  • Barnum & Bailey Royal Pageant (John Church 1917)
  • Battle of the Winds (Fillmore 1917)
  • Berry's U S Republic Band (Berry 1907)
  • Bravura (John Church 1918), his most famous march
  • The Circus King (Fillmore 1916)
  • Crimson Plume (J E Agnew 1916)
  • Evans' Fashion Plate (Duble 1922)
  • Floral City March (NY 1905 )
  • Gallrein's Triumphal (Berry 1907)
  • La Garde d'Honneur (R F Seitz 1908)
  • The Gay American (Smith 1921)
  • Heroes of Luzon (R F Seitz 1907)
  • Luna Dome (McMillin 1909)
  • The Magnificent (R F Seitz 1907)
  • Old Glory Triumphant (John Church 1919)
  • Olivett (Steele 1909)
  • On Florida Shores (B O Marsh 1926)
  • Our Congress (Slater 1906)
  • Prince Imperial (Vandersloot 1908)
  • Radio Fans (J G Berg 1928)
  • Red Coat Battery (William E Strassner 1910)
  • Ringling Bros. Grand Entree (J G Richards 1906)
  • Royal Tournament (Alvin Willis 1917)
  • Salute to Dalbey (Dalbey 1906)
  • Salute to Williamsport (Vandersloot 1906)
  • Trooper's Greeting (B O Marsh 1910)
  • Under White Tents (Smith 1908)
  • The Warrior (pub. for piano, arr. for band by Loren Geiger)
  • Wizard of the West (Fillmore 1908)
  • Zip Boom Galop (Smith 1920)


  • Among the Lilies (Berry 1911)
  • Flowers of Paris (R F Seitz 1909)

Other characteristic pieces

  • Sounds from the Harem (Smith 1920)


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  • Smith, Norman, MARCH MUSIC NOTES, Program Note Press, Lake Charles, Louisiana 1986 pp 115–116

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