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Edward Elgar

2 jun 1857 (Broadheath) - 23 feb 1934 (Worcester)
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Worklist for Edward Elgar

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name cmt key instr year time genre
143 works
1Romance op. 1  pno,vln1878 Romance
1A+1BWand of YouthSuites nos 1 & 2 for orchestra  1907  
2:1Ave verum corpus     4:00 
2:2Ave MariaRevised in 1907.  1885 Cantata
2:3Ave Maris StellaRevised in 1907.  1885 Cantata
3CantiqueArrangement for small orchestra orc   
4:1Une Idylle  pno,vln1884  
4:2Pastourelle  pno,vln1883  
4:3Virelai  pno,vln1883  
7SevillanaFor small orchestra orc1884  
103 Characteristic PiecesFor small orchestra orc1899  
11Sursum CordaFor strings, brass and organ cha1894  
12Salut d'amourLiebesgruss. pno,vln1888 3:00 
13:1Mot d'amour for violin and pianoforte pno,vln1889  
13:2Bizarrerie for violin and pianoforte pno,vln1889  
1411 Vesper Voluntaries for organ org1889 18:30 
15Chanson de Nuit / Chanson de Matin  orc1899 6:00 
163 Songs op. 16     Song cycle
17La Capricieuse  pno,vln1891 4:30 
183 Part-songs     Song cycle
18:1O Happy Eyespart-song  1889 Song
18:2Love   1907 Song
18:3My Love Dwelt in a Northern Landpart-songs  1889 Song
19Froissartconcert overture  1890 Overture
20Serenade in E minor E- 1893 11:00String orchestra
21MinuetFor piano or small orchestra. pno1897  
226 Easy Pieces      
23Spanish Serenade (Stars of the Summer Night)part-song  1891 Song
245 Etudes caractéristiques for Violin solo  vln  Etude
25The Black Knight   1893 Cantata
262 Partsongs     Song
27From the Bavarian Highlands6 choral songs.  1896 Song
28Organ Sonata No 1 in G major G+org1895  
29The Light of Life (Lux Christi)   1896 Oratorio
30King OlafScenes from the Saga of King Olaf. Contains "As Torrents in Summer"  1896 Cantata
312 Songs op. 31     Song cycle
32Imperial march   1897 March
33The Banner of St George  cho,orc1897  
34Te Deum and Benedictus  cho,orc1897  
35Caractacus   1898 Cantata
36Enigma VariationsVariations on an Original Theme. orc1899 Variations
37Sea Pictures5 songs for contralto and orchestra.  1899 Song
38The Dream of Gerontius   1900 1:55:00Oratorio
39Pomp and Circumstance MarchesMarch number 1 is the famous "Land of Hope and Glory". The march was so popular that on a suggestion of the king a text was added.G+   26:30March
40Cockaigne (In London Town)Concert overture.    Overture
41Concert Allegro  pno   
42Grania and Diarmid     Incidental music
43Dream ChildrenFor small orchestra. orc1902  
44Coronation Ode  cho,orc1902  
455 Part-Songs from the Greek Anthology   1902 Song cycle
47Introduction and Allegro   1905 14:00String orchestra
48Pleading  pno,voc1908 Song
49The apostlesThe song "The spirit of the Lord" is best known. It was sung at the wedding of Charles and Diana. The text is from Luke 4:18.  1903 2:00:00Oratorio
50In The South (Alassio)Concert overture.  1904 Overture
51The Kingdom   1906 Oratorio
52A Christmas greeting     Song
534 Part-Songs   1907 Song cycle
54The Reveille   1907 Song
55Symphony No 1 in A flat major Ab+ 1907 Symphony
56The Angelus (Tuscany)   1909 Song
57Go, Song of Mine   1909 Song
58Elegy for Strings   1909 Strings
596 Songs     Song cycle
602 Songs op. 60     Song cycle
61Violin Concerto in B minor B- 1910 Violin concerto
62Romance op. 62  bsn1910 Romance
63Symphony No 2 in E flat major Eb+ 1911 Symphony
64O Hearken ThouOffertory for chorus and orchestra.  1911 Offertory
65Coronation March  orc1911  
66Crown of India Suite  cho,orc,voc1912 16:30 
67Great is the Lord (Psalm 48)Anthem for choir and orchestra.  1912 Anthem
68FalstaffSymphonic study for orchestra. orc1913  
69The Music Makers     Cantata
70Sospiri  orc1914  
712 Choral Songs (The Shower; The Fountain)   1914 Song
72Death on the Hills   1914 Song
732 Choral Songs (Love's Tempest; Serenade)   1914 Song
74Give Unto the Lord (Psalm 29)Anthem for choir and orchestra  1914 Anthem
75CarillonRecitation with orchestra orc,voc1914  
76PoloniaSymphonic prelude  1915 Prelude
77Une Voix dans le DesertRecitation with orchetsra orc,voc1915  
78The Starlight Express   1915 Incidental music
79Le Drapeau BelgeRecitation with orchetsra. orc,voc1915  
80The Spirit of England   1916 Cantata
81The Sanguine Fan   1917 Ballet
82Violin Sonata in E minor     22:00Violin Sonata
83String Quartet in E minor E- 1917 String quartet
84Piano Quintet in A minor A- 1919 Piano quintet
85Cello Concerto in E minor E- 1919 26:30Cello concerto
86Fugue in C minorTranscription of J.S. Bach.C- 1921 Fugue
87Severn Suite  brb1930  
88Symphony No 3     Symphony
89The Spanish LadyUnfinished opera    Opera
90Piano Concerto     Piano concerto
 Adagio Cantabile'Mrs Winslow's Soothing Syrup'. For wind quintet. win1879 Adagio
 Adieu  pno1932  
 Allegretto on GEDGE for violin and pianoforte pno,vln1885  
 Beau Brummel   1928 Incidental music
 CarissimaFor small orchestra orc1913  
 Chantant  pno1872  
 Evesham AndanteFor wind quintet. win1878  
 Evening Scene     Song
 Four DancesFor wind quintet. win1879  
 Fantasia in C minor, transcription of J S BachC- 1922 Fantasy
 Funeral MarchOrchestration of piano sonata by Frederic Chopin. orc1933  
 Gavotte for violin and pianoforte pno,vln1885  
 Good MorrowCarol  1929 Song
 Griffinesque  pno1884  
 How Calmly the Evening   1907 Song
 Harmony Music Nos 1-4For wind quintet. win1878  
 Harmony Music Nos 5-6For wind quintet win1879  
 Harmony Music No 7For wind quintet win1881  
 IntermezzosFor wind quintet. win1879  
 In Smyrna  pno  3:30 
 I Sing the BirthCarol  1928 Song
 JerusalemOrchestration of arrangement for organ by Hubert Parry. orc1922  
 King Arthur   1923 Incidental music
 Lux Aeterna  cho  Other religious
 Memorial Chimes for a Carillon  org1923  
 MinaFor small orchestra orc1933  
 May SongFor piano, violin and piano, or small orchestra. orc   
 Nursery Suite  orc1931  
 Offertoire  pno,vln1902  
 Overture in D minorTranscription for orchestra of Händel.D- 1923 Overture
 Pageant of Empire8 songs for solo voice and choir.  1924 Song
 Presto  pno1889  
 PromenadesFor wind quintet. win1878  
 Reminiscences  pno,vln1877  
 Rosemary (That's for Remembrance)For pianoforte, piano trio or small orchestra pno1882  
 Serenade  pno1932  
 Suite in DFor small orchestra orc1882 Suite
 Skizze  pno1902 0:50 
 Serenade LyriqueFor small orchestra. orc  Serenade
 Soliloquy  obo1930  
 Sonatina  pno1889  
 The Birthright   1914 Song
 The Fringes of the Fleet4 songs for four baritones and orchestra.  1917 Song
 The Herald   1925 Song
 The Prince of Sleep   1925 Song
 The Windlass   1914 Song
 The Wanderer   1923 Song
 Weary Wind of the West   1902 Song
 Zut, Zut, Zut   1923 Song
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