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Barber, S.(1910)
Reincarnations (1)

Bardos, L.(1899)
Libera me, Domine (1)

Brahms, J.(1833)
5 Choruses op. 104 (1)
7 Marienlieder (1)
Alto Rhapsody (2)

Britten, B.(1913)
Fancie and Rejoice in the Lamb (1)

Casals, P.(1876)
Eucaristica (1)
Nigra Sum (1)

Cherubini, L.(1760)
Alleluia (1)

Dello Joio, N.(1913)
Of Crows and Clusters (1)

Foster, S.C.(1826)
De Campton Races (1)
If You've Only Got a Mustache (1)

Gould, M.(1913)
Solfegging (1)
Hanson, H.(1896)
Song of Democracy (1)

Hassler, H.L.(1564)
Dixit Maria (1)

Kodály, Z.(1882)
The good housewife (1)

Lasso, O. di(1532)
Matona, mia cara (3)
Serve bone et fidelis (1)

Lauridsen, M.(1943)
Les Chansons des Roses (1)
O Magnum Mysterium (1)
O Nata Lux (1)

Lobo, A.(1555)
Versa Est in Luctum (1)

Martin, F.(1890)
Ode à la musique (1)

Morley, T.(1557)
Though Philomela Lost Her Love (1)

Mozart, W.A.(1756)
Lasst uns mit geschlungnen Handen (1)

Persichetti, V.(1915)
2 Cummings choruses op. 33 (1)

Praetorius, M.(1571)
Resonet In Laudibus (1)

Purcell, H.(1659)
Come ye sons of art (1)
Rachmaninov, S.(1873)
Vespers (3)

Rautavaara, E.(1928)
Lorca Suite (1)

Scarlatti, A.(1660)
Exsultate Deo (1)

Tavener, J.(1944)
Song for Athena (2)
The Lamb (1)

Tchaikovsky, P.I.(1840)
Liturgy of Saint John Chrisostom (2)

Thompson, R.(1899)
Solstice (1)
The Last Words of David (1)

Vaughan Williams, R.(1872)
Let Us Now Praise Famous Men (1)

Victoria, T.L. de(1548)
Nobis Datus (1)

Vivaldi, A.(1678)
Winter (1)

Wagner, R.(1813)
Das Liebesmahl der Apostel (1)

Willan, H.(1880)
Rise Up, My Love, my fair one (1)

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