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Boscan, J.(1493)
Si no os hubiera mirado (1)

Dowland, J.(1563)
A shepherd in a shade (1)
Come again : sweet love doth now invite (2)
Rest awhile, you cruel cares (1)
Lasso, O. di(1532)
Tritt auf den Riegel von der Tür (1)

Martinu, B.(1890)
4 Madrigals for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon (1)

Monteverdi, C.(1567)
Ballo: Tirsi e Clori (1)
Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda (1)
Lamento d'Arianna (1)
Quel augellin che canta si dolcemente (1)
Sestina: Lagrime d'amante al sepolcro (2)
Tempro la cetra (1)

Morley, T.(1557)
Fire! Fire! My Heart! (1)
Now is the Month of Maying (1)
See Mine Own Sweet Jewel (1)
Sing we and chant it (1)
Schütz, H.(1585)
Io moro, ecco ch'io moro (1)

Weelkes, T.(1576)
Shoot False Love I Care Not (1)
Though My Carriage be But Careless (1)

Wilbye, J.(1574)
Alas what hope of speeding (1)
All Pleasure is of this Condition (1)
As Matchless Beauty (1)
Fly not so fast my dear (1)
Sweet was the song the virgin sang (1)

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