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Bagley, E.E.(1857)
National Emblem March (1)

Beethoven, L. van(1770)
March for Wind Band in D major (1)

Bocook, J.(1953)
March From 1941 (1)

Bruckner, A.(1824)
March in d (1)
March in E flat (1)

Chopin, F.(1810)
Funeral March (op. 72:2) (1)

Fučík, J.(1872)
Florentiner Marsch (1)

Granados, E.(1867)
Marchas Militares (1)

Grieg, E.H.(1843)
Sørgemarsj over Rikard Nordraak (1)
Heed, J.C.(1862)
In Storm and Sunshine (1)

King, K.(1891)
Valley Forge March (1)

Kreisler, F.(1875)
Miniature Viennese March (1)

Lefébure-Wély, L.(1817)
March for Organ in E flat major (1)

Mozart, W.A.(1756)
March (for "Haffner" Serenade) (1)
March for Orchestra in D major KV189 (1)
March for Orchestra in D major KV215 (1)
March for Orchestra in D major KV237 (1)
Seitz, R.F.(1867)
Grandioso (1)

Sousa, J.P.(1854)
Bullets and Bayonets (1)
Comrades of the Legion (1)
Easter Monday On The White House Lawn (1)
Hail to the Spirit of Liberty (1)
Hands Across the Sea (1)
Jack Tar (1)
King Cotton (1)
La Reine de la Mer (1)
Manhattan Beach (1)
Presidential polonaise (1)
Sabre and Spurs (1)
Semper Fidelis (1)
Sound Off (1)
Stars and Stripes Forever, the (1)
The Black Horse Troop (1)
The Directorate (1)
The Fairest of the Fair (1)
The Gallant Seventh (1)
The Gladiator (1)
The Glory of the Yankee Navy (1)
The Honors March (1)
The Invincible Eagle (1)
The Liberty Bell (2)
The Pride of the Wolverines (1)
The Washington Post (3)
Who's Who in Navy Blue (1)
With Pleasure - Dance Hilarious (1)

Strauss, J. (jr)(1825)
Egyptischer Marsch (1)

Strauss, J. (sr)(1804)
Radetsky March (2)

Świder, J.(1930)
Marsz (1)

Wagner, J.F.(1856)
Unter dem Doppeladler (1)

Williams, J.(1932)
1941 (1)
Summon the Heroes (1)

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