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Alexander Glazunov

10 aug 1865 (St. Petersburg) - 21 mar 1936 (Boulogne)
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Worklist for Alexander Glazunov

As he lived part of his life in France often the french transcription of his name is used: Alexandre Glazounov.

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name cmt key instr year time genre
113 works
1String Quartet No. 1 in D major D+ 1881 String quartet
2Suite on the Name Sacha  pno1883 Suite
3Overture No. 1 "On Greek Themes" G-orc1882 Overture
45 Romances   1882  
5Symphony No. 1 "Slavyanskaya"   1884 Symphony
6Overture No. 2 in D major D+orc1883 Overture
7Serenade No. 1 in A major A+orc1882 Serenade
8To the Memory of a Heroelegy for orchestra orc1885  
9Suite Characteristique in D major  orc1884 Suite
10String Quartet No. 2 in F major F+ 1884 String quartet
11Serenade No. 2 in F major F+orc1884 Serenade
12Lyric Poem in D flat majorPoème Lyrique orc1884  
13Symphony Poem in B minor "Stenka Razin"   1885 Symphonic poem
142 Pieces for orchestra op. 14  orc1886  
155 Novelettes for string Quartet   1886 String quartet
16Symphony No. 2 in F# minor "Pensee a Liszt" F#- 1886 Symphony
17Elegie in D flat major Db+    
18Mazurka in G major G+orc1888 Mazurka
19The Forest (fantasy) C#-orc1887  
202 Pieces for cello and orchestra  cel,orc1888  
21Marriage March in E flat major Eb+orc1889  
222 pieces for piano op. 22  pno1889  
23Waltzes on the Theme Sabela  pno1890  
24Reverie in D flat major Db+hor,pno1890  
25Prelude and Two Mazurkas  pno1888 Prelude
26String Quartet No. 3 in G "Quator Slave" G+ 1888 String quartet
272 songs after Pushkin   1890 Song
28The Sea (fantasy)      
29Rhapsodie Orientale  orc1889  
30The KremlinSymphonic picture in 3 parts.  1890 Symphonic fantasy
313 Etudes for piano op. 31  pno1891  
32Meditation for violin & orchestra D#orc,vln1891 4:30 
32aMeditation for violin & pianoAndante sostenutoD+pno,vln1891 4:30 
33Symphony No. 3 in D Major   1890 Symphony
34SpringSymphonic pictureD+ 1891 Symphonic fantasy
35Suite for String Quartet C+ 1891 String quartet
36Petite ValseSmall WalzD+pno1892  
37Nocturne in D flat major  pno1889 Nocturne
38In Modo ReligiosoQuartet for trumpet, horn and two trombones.  1892  
39String Quintet in A majorFor string quartet and cello.  1892 String Quintet
40Triumphal March  cho,orc1892  
41Grande Valse de ConcertLarge Concert Waltz. pno1893  
423 Miniatures for piano  pno1893  
43Salon Waltz in C majorValse de Salon pno1893  
44Elegie  pno,vla1893  
45Carnaval Overture F+orc,org1892  
46ChopinianaSuite after pianopieces by Chopin. orc1893  
47Concert Waltz No. 1 in D Major  orc1893  
48Symphony No. 4 in E flat major Eb+ 1893 Symphony
493 pieces for piano op. 49  pno1894  
50Cortège Solennel in D major D+orc1894  
51Concert Waltz No. 2 in F Major F+orc1894  
52Scenes de BalletBallet Scenes. Suite.A+orc1894  
53From Darkness Into LightFantasy for orchestra. orc1894  
542 Impromptus for piano  pno1895  
55Symphony No. 5 in B flat major Bb+ 1895 Symphony
56Coronation CantataFor four soloists, chorus and orchestra.  1895 Cantata
57Raymonda   1896 Ballet
58Symphony No. 6 in C minor C- 1896 Symphony
596 Songs for middle voice   1898 Song
606 Songs for high voice   1898 Song
61Ruses d'Amour   1898 Ballet
62Prelude and Fugue in D minor D-pno1895 Prelude
63Festive CantataFor solo-voices, women's chorus and two pianos eight hands.  1898 Cantata
64String Quartet No. 4 in A minor A- 1894 String quartet
65Commemorative Cantata after PushkinFor solo-voices, chorus and orchestra.  1899 Cantata
66Hymn after PushkinFor women's chorus and piano.  1899 Hymn
67The Seasons   1900 Ballet
68Pas de CaractèreFrom RaymondaG+orc1899  
69Intermezzo Romantica D+orc1900  
70String quartet No. 5 in D minor D-orc1898 String quartet
71Chant du Menestrel  cel,orc1900 4:15 
72Theme and Variations in F sharp minor F#-pno1900  
73Overture SolennelleSolemn Overture orc1900 Overture
74Piano Sonata No. 1 in B flat minor Bb- 1901 Piano Sonata
75Piano Sonata No. 2 in E Minor E- 1901 Piano Sonata
76March on a Russian Theme Eb+ 1901 March
77Symphony No. 7 "Pastorale" in F major F+ 1902 Symphony
78Ballade for orchestra in F major F+orc1902 Ballade
79From the Middle AgesSuite in E majorE+orc1902  
80Chant Sans BornesFor soprano and alto with piano. pno,voc1900  
81Dance-Scene in A major A+orc1904  
82Violin Concerto in A minor A-orc,vln1904 20:00Violin concerto
83Symphony No. 8 in E flat major Eb+ 1905 Symphony
84The Song of Destiny D- 1908 Overture
852 Preludes for orchestra  orc1906  
86Russian Fantasy for balalaika-orchestra A+orc1906  
87To the Memory of GogolSymphonic prologueC+ 1909 Symphonic poem
88Finnish Fantasy in C major C+orc1909  
89Finnish Sketches in E major E+orc1912  
90SalomeIntroduction and Dance of Salomé to the drama of Oscar Wilde.  1908 Dances
91Cortège Solennel in B flat major Bb+orc1910  
92Piano Concerto No. 1 in F minor F- 1910 Piano concerto
93Preludium and Fugue No. 1 in D major D+org1906  
94LoveA capella song on text of Shukovsky.  1907 Choir
95The King of the JewsMusic for drama  1913  
96Paraphrase on the Hymn of the Allies  orc1914  
97The Song of the Volga Boatmen  cho,orc1918  
98Preludium and Fugue No. 2 in D minor D-org1914  
99Karelian Legend in A minor A-orc1916  
100Piano Concerto No. 2 in B major B+ 1917 Piano concerto
1014 Preludes and Fugues  pno1923  
101AMazurka Oberek in D major D+pno,vln1917 Mazurka
102Romance of Nina from the play "Masquerada"   1918 Romance
103Idylle in F sharp major F#+pno1926  
104Fantasy in F minor   1920 Fantasy
105Elegy in D minor D- 1928 String quartet
106String Quartet No. 6 in B major B+ 1920 String quartet
107String Quartet No. 7 in C majorHommage au passéC+ 1930 String quartet
108Cello Concerto Ballata in C major C+cel,orc1931 Cello concerto
109Saxophon Quartet in B major B+sax1932  
109ASax Concerto in E flat majorFor alto-saxophone and orchestra.Eb+ 1934  
110Fantasy in G minor G-org1934 Fantasy
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