Books about

Mikhael Glinka

1 jun 1804 (Novospaskoje) - 15 feb 1857 (Berlin)

Books about Mikhael Glinka and his music

bookGerald Abraham On Russian music;: Critical and historical studies of Glinka's operas, Balakirev's works, etc., with chapters dealing with compositions by Borodin, Ri ... f Russian music, (Essay index reprint series)
Books for Libraries Press, 1970; ISBN 0836919009; 279 pages Price indication: $ 109.71
bookGerald Abraham On Russian Music: Critical and Historical Studies of Glinkas Operas (Essay Index Reprint Series)
Irvington Pub, 1982; ISBN 0829007865 Price indication: $ 17.00
bookMontagu-Nathan Glinka
Ams Pr, 1974; ISBN 0404130496; 85 pages Price indication: $ 29.50
bookA. Rosanov M.I. Glinka: His Life and Times
Paganiniana Publications, 1989; ISBN 0866229469; 175 pages Price indication: $ 5.98
bookAlexandra Orlova and Richard Hoops Glinka's Life in Music: A Chronicle (Russian Music Studies, 20)
Univ of Rochester Pr, 1988; ISBN 0835718646; 823 pages Price indication: $ 99.00
bookIrina Yurkovskaya The piano music of Mikhail Glinka (Russia)
ProQuest / UMI, 2006; ISBN 054218785X Price indication: $ 69.99
bookMikhail Osipovich Zetlin The Five: The Evolution of the Russian School of Music
Greenwood Pub Group, 1975; ISBN 0837167973; 344 pages Price indication: (used only): from $ 14.49
bookMikhail Glinka Memoirs
Greenwood Pub Group, 1963; ISBN 0313203458; 268 pages Price indication: (used only): from $ 31.11
bookDavid Brown Mikhail Glinka;: A biographical and critical study
Oxford University Press, 1974; ISBN 0193153114 Price indication: (used only): from $ 57.90

Sheet music, libretti, etc.

Complete Works Piano 1 (Music Scores) - Konemann

Islamey and Other Favorite Russian Piano Works - Dover Publications

Life For The Czar Overture - Eulenburg (Schott)

Ruslan And Ludmila Overture - Eulenburg (Schott)

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