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Percy Grainger

8 jul 1882 (Brighton, Aus) - 20 feb 1961 (New York)
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Worklist for Percy Grainger

George Percy Aldridge Grainger

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name cmt key instr year time genre
165 works
13 Folksongs     Song cycle
2 Musical Relics of my Mother  pno2   
3 Childhood Works      
3 Robert Burns songs     Song cycle
3 Scotch Folk Songs     Song cycle
4 Settings from Songs of the North     Song cycle
Afterword  cho,pno   
Agincourt Song     Song
Always Merry and Bright  pno2   
Anchor Song  cho,mvo,pno  Song
Andante con moto  pno   
Arrival Platform Humlet      
At Twilight      
Australian Up-Country Song      
Bahariyale V. Palaniyandi      
Bell Piece      
Blithe Bells      
Bold William Taylor      
Brahms' Lullaby      
Brigg Fair      
Bristol Town      
British Waterside      
Children's March      
Collean Dhas      
Colleen Dhas      
Colonial Song      
Country Gardens      
County Derry Air      
Creepin' Jane      
Crew of the Long Dragon      
Crying for the Moon      
Danish Folk Music Suite     Suite
Danish Memories Suite     Suite
Danisk Folk-Song Suite      
Danny Deever      
David of the White Rock  voc,pno  Song
Death Song for Hjalmar Thuren     Song
Dedication     Song
Died for Love     Song
Dollar and A Half A Day  cho  Song
Dollar and a Half of Day      
Down Longford Way      
Dreamery  orc   
Duke of Marlborough Fanfare      
Early One Morning      
Eastern Intermezzo      
English Dance No. 1     Dances
English Waltz     Waltz
Faeroe Island Dance      
Farewell to an Atoll      
Father and Daughter      
Fisher's Boarding House      
Good-Bye to Love      
Green Brushes      
Green Bushes      
Handel in the Strand      
Harkstow Grange      
Harvest Hymn      
Horkstow Grange      
Howard's End      
Hubby and Wifey      
Hunting Song of the Seeonee Pack     Song
I'm Seventeen Come Sunday      
Immovable Do      
In a Nutshell     Suite
In Dahomey      
Irish Tune from County Derry      
Jungle Book      
Jutish Medley      
Let's Dance Gay in Green Meadow      
Lincolnshire Posy  bra  13:00 
Little Ole with his Umbrella      
Lord Maxwell's Goodnight      
Lord Peter's Stable Boy      
Love at First Sight      
Love Song of Har Dyal      
Maiden and the Frog      
Marching Song of Democracy      
Mary Thomson      
Mo Nighean Dubh      
Mo Ninghean Dhu      
Mock Morris      
Molly on the Shore     4:15 
My Love's in Germanie      
My Robin is to the Greenwood Gone      
Near Woodstock Town      
Night Song in the Jungle      
O Gin I Were Where Gadie Rins      
O Mistress Mine      
Over the Hills and Far Away      
Paraphrase on Tchaikovsky's Flower Waltz      
Peace and Saxon Twi-Play      
Proud Vesselil      
Ramble on Love      
Random Round      
Sailor's Song      
Scandinavian Suite      
Scotch Strathspey and Reel      
Sea-Song Sketch      
Seven Men From All the World      
Shallow Brown      
Shepherd's Hey      
Shepherd's Hey!Grainger wrote many transcriptions of this work, among them for orchestra.1947pno  2:15 
Skye Boat Song      
Soldier, Soldier      
Songs From the North      
Spoon River      
The 3 Ravens      
The Bride's Tragedy      
The Bridegroom Grat      
The Brisk Young Sailor (who returned to wed h      
The Crew of the Long Serpent      
The Duke of Marlborough Fanfare      
The English Country Gardens      
The Gypsy's Wedding Day      
The Hunter in His Career      
The Keel-Row      
The Lads of Wamphray March      
The Land O' the Leal      
The Lonely Desert-Man Sees the Tents of the H      
The Lost Lady Found      
The Love Song of Har Dyal      
The Maiden and the Frog      
The Merry King      
The Merry Wedding      
The Nightingale      
The Old Woman at the Christening      
The Only Son      
The Peora Hunt      
The Power of Love      
The Power of Rome and the Christian Heart      
The Pretty Maid Milkin' Her Cow      
The Rival Brothers      
The Running of Shindand      
The Sea-Wife      
The Shoemaker from Jerusalem      
The Sprig of Thyme      
The Sussex Mummers' Christmas Carol      
The Tents of the Happy Tribes      
The Twa Corbies      
The Two Sisters      
The Warriors      
The Widow's Party      
There Was a Pig Went Out to Dig      
There Were 3 Friends      
Thou Gracious Power      
To a Nordic Princess      
Train Music      
Tribute to Foster      
Under a Bridge      
Variations on Handel's "The Harmonious Blacksmith"     Variations
Walking Tune      
We Have Fed Our Sea for a Thousand Years      
We Were Dreamers      
Willow, willow      
Ye Banks and Braes     3:00 
Youthful Rapture      
Youthful Suite      
Zanzibar Boat Song      
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