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1. Why should I provide mp3s or other soundfiles on internet?
2. Why should I list on Classic Cat?
3. What are the selection criteria of Classic Cat?
4. How do I get my mp3's listed?
5. I do not want to be listed. What should I do?
6. How can I get my music on the internet?
7. I am a composer who made some nice music...
8. Do I need to link back to Classic Cat?
9. You link to my mp3page; Can you link to my mainpage instead?
10. Which music is popular?
11. Some tips on how to optimize your site

Why should I provide mp3s or other soundfiles on internet?

Many musicians nowadays understand the importance of having a website. With bandwidth becoming cheaper and cheaper having some soundfiles on internet is slowly becoming just as important for musicians.

With soundfiles you help to make both your own music and classical music in general more popular. We recommend to offer a few complete tracks with an acceptable quality. That way people may play them more than once and start to remember you.

Several websites offer to host your music for free or a small price. For who want his own website lowcost hosting sites nowadays offer hosting of hours of music with hundreds visitors a day for under $100,- a year. See on our hosting links page for more details.

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Why should I list on Classic Cat?

Being mentioned on Classic Cat can bring you lots of visitors every day. Experience learns that it can easily usually double or tripple your number of visitors.

The Classic Cat formula guarantees its visitors that they will find real downloadable mp3s with an acceptable length and sound quality. So being mentioned on Classic Cat will not only bring you direct visitors, but it will also set you higher on search engines and improve you name recognition.

How much visitors depends very much on the popularity of the music that you offer. But as a general rule you can expect that each mp3 from a well known composer will bring you 1-3 visitors a day.

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What are the selection criteria of Classic Cat?

In principle we list all classical music that is offered and that has an acceptable (public performance) quality. There are quality checks but you don't have to be a top artist. Our main goal is to offer people easy access to a wide range of classical music.

The main 'competition' for Classic Cat are filesharing systems like Kazaa. So we try to offer only music that has a comparable sound quality. This means that there are also a few hard criteria:

  • only downloadable music, no wma or realmedia files.
  • music must be mp3s of 128 kbps or better. For newer and better formats like ogg vorbis, mp4 and mp3pro the resolution may be a bit lower.
  • soundfiles must be at least 3 minutes long. Of course this does not apply when the piece or movement has a shorter length.
Occasionally something is included that not totally fits in this profile. This is usually because the performed work is in demand and Classic Cat doesn't have it yet.

Another requirement is that the music fits in the classification system:
- Classic Cat lists composers with a certain fame
- there must be certainty about which work it is. If you post a work as "sonata in C" and the composer has several sonatas in C we can not determine the work and will not list it. For composers like Vivaldi, Telemann and Handel more than half the performances we see are rejected for this reason.

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How do I get my mp3's listed?

Your music may already be listed without you asking for it. So please check that first.

If you are not listed you can send an e-mail with a request to get listed.

Please make sure that you are allowed to place the music on the internet. If the composer is still alive or not too long dead the work will still be under copyright and you need the permission of the composers or his/her heirs. See this page for the situation in the US.

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I do not want to be listed. What should I do?

Just like search engines and other directories we have an opt-out option. If you don't want you work listed on Classic Cat you can send an email and the links to your music will be removed. Until now this has happened only once or twice by musicians that had some raw tracks on the internet for friends that they didn't consider good enough for the general public.
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How can I get my music on the internet?

Classic Cat does not provide hosting. However, in our links section we have a hosting links page that gives you some links to companies that provide this service. You can also look where other people have hosted their music.
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I am a composer who wrote some nice music...

Classic Cat restricts itself to well known composers. It is our aim to give people easy access to mp3s from well known composers - and in the process also to offer performers a way to find a new audience.

However you could consider to have a mix on your page: some mp3s from well-known composers to draw visitors and some of your own works on the same page that people can try out once they are there. If you take composers with a similar style you will draw the kind of people who might also be interested in your music.

On the internet there are a lot of websites that specialize in new composers. In our New composers links we list some of them.

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Do I need to link back to Classic Cat?

We would appreciate it if you link back to Classic Cat. It is also in your interest to do so because when we come higher on the search engines you will come higher too.

However there is no obligation to link to us and we won't punish you in any way if you don't.

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You link to my mp3page; Can you link to my mainpage instead?

Unfortunately that is not possible. It is part of the Classic Cat formula that people come immediately on the page with the mp3s. People have already passed several pages finding the music on Classic Cat. We don't want to test their patience anymore.

We also try to be an international site. So we want people who don't speak english to be able to find your music.

It may happen that your page consist of different frames. Classic Cat will always link to the page that actually contains the mp3s (this makes it also easy for us to check if the mp3s are still there). Even if your frame automatically inserts the right page it is not possible for us to link to the frame. However, in the latter case it is possible to put a check in the mp3page that will make it transfer to the frame if the frame is not around it. If you understand Javascript click here to see a code example how it could be done.

If you need help with this kind of problems please feel free to ask us.

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Which music is popular?

At Classic Cat we maintain statistics of which pages get visited most. These statistics are gattered in our Overview Page. If you want to make available for which there is a lot of demand you can check this page.

The numbers without brackets are the number of pageviews that the page with this work had over a longer period of time. Please note that not all works have been available during the whole period.

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Some tips on how to optimize your site

Make sure that your soundfiles contain all relevant data in their descriptive fields: both your name and the name of the composer and work. The same applies to the name of the soundfile. It may seem a bit long to name your file beethoven_fuer_elise-john_smith.mp3, but it will remember the downloader of you as long as the file is on his computer. Also, if one of the downloaders would place the soundfile on some filesharing network, it will still carry your name.

Classic Cat refers to the page with your soundfiles. Search engines like Google do the same. That means that many of your visitors will arrive on that page. So make sure that from that page it is easy to find out more about you.

It is also important to measure how many visitors you have on each of your pages. Seeing the statistics helps you to become conscious of what helps to draw in more visitors.

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