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One instrument

Brass ensemble
Anderson, L. (1908)
The Typewriter (1)

Bach, J.S. (1685)
Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D (1)

Beethoven, L. van (1770)
Concerto for Violin & Orchestra (1)

Brahms, J. (1833)
Hungarian Dances (1)

Debussy, C. (1862)
La mer (1)
Children's corner (1)

Falla, M. de (1876)
El amor brujo (1)

Fillmore, H. (1881)
Lassus Trombone (1)
Gluck, C.W. von (1714)
Orfeo ed Euridice (1)

Handel, G.F. (1685)
Music for the Royal Fireworks (1)

Hemphill, J. (1938)
The Hard Blues (1)
The Moat and the Bridge (1)

Holsinger, D. (1945)
Gathering of the Ranks at Hebron (1)

Lully, J.-B. (1632)
Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme (1)

Orff, C. (1895)
Carmina Burana (1)

Puccini, G. (1858)
Tosca (1)
Reed, A. (1921)
A Little Concert Suite (1)

Respighi, O. (1879)
The pines of Rome (1)

Schifrin, L. (1932)
Mannix theme (1)

Sousa, J.P. (1854)
The Gladiator (1)
The Liberty Bell (1)
The Washington Post (1)

Strauss, J. (sr) (1804)
Radetsky March (1)

Stravinsky, I. (1882)
The Firebird suite (1)

Tchaikovsky, P.I. (1840)
Swan Lake (suite) (1)

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