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  • Bluegrass Mandolin - Learn to play bluegrass mandolin with Tab, pictures, FAQ, and links.
  • Building a Mandolin - View the step by step construction of a mandolin, with information and pictures.
  • Building a Mandolin - Provides step-by-step instructions for a flat top acoustic mandolin project. Download plans.
  • Charles Johnson's Mandolin World - Sale and trade of vintage mandolins and other stringed instruments. Events, articles, links and services.
  • Chordfind: 4-String Version - Chord calculator for four-stringed instruments, various tunings.
  • Cittern Bouzouki Octave Mandolin - Comparison of these mandolin family instruments. Tunings, video, mp3s and links.
  • - A resource for electric mandolin. Players, builders, resources, reviews, store and discussion.
  • - Dedicated to Italian luthier and performer Maestro Luigi Embergher. History, instruments, restoration, recordings and musicians.
  • Fret Not Repair - Vintage mandolin repairs on Gibson and other A-Style, F-Style, Bowlback and Flatback mandolins. Newport News, Virginia USA.
  • Gibson Mandolins - Official home page of Gibson Mandolins.
  • Hand Made Mandolins - Links to makers of hand crafted mandolins and the site author's music.
  • Jazzmando - Jazz mandolin theory, exercises, technique, instruments and links.
  • Mandolin Cafe - Mandolin lessons, tablature, builders, links and archives.
  • Mandolin Chord Generator - Display or print chords from user-defined settings, including left and right-handed views.
  • Mandolin Forum - International forum for the mandolin. Includes automated translation to English, Spanish, German and French languages.
  • Mandolin Magazine - Online version of quarterly subscription magazine including reviews and articles.
  • Mandolin Melodies Museum - Exhibiting instruments and recordings from around the world. Nagoya, Japan.
  • Mandolin Sessions - Mel Bay's bimonthly web magazine.
  • - Mandolin forum, artist interviews, links, reviews of luthiers and mandolin books. Events in and around the UK.
  • Mandolinking - Links to mandolin sites, music reviews and tips for beginners.
  • Mandolino Italiano - Photographs of vintage and rare Italian mandolins that may be purchased.
  • MandoZine - Online journal for mandolin players and fans with workshops, news, music, resources, and links.
  • Old - Vintage mandolins including Calace, Vinaccia and Embergher. Restorations by luthier Carlo Mazzaccara. Photos and prices. Naples, Italy.
  • Rigel Instruments - Acoustic and electric mandolins, reproductions of historic models. Models, prices, photos and sound clips. Cambridge, Vermont USA.
  • Simple Gifts - Collection of mandolin tablature, instructions for reading tab, and MIDI's of the songs.
  • The Acoustic Music Company - Selling mandolins and other instruments from a wide variety of builders and manufacturers including Weber, Phoenix, Rigel, Tacoma, Davidson, and Gibson.
  • The F5 Journal - Documentation about Gibson F5 mandolins and related Lloyd Loar instruments. Reproduction parts, instrument search and editor contact.
  • The Famous Old Time Music Company - Smith Creek mandolins, new and vintage mandolins, Celtic and folk instruments. Home of Vernon McIntyre's Appalachian Grass. Cincinnati and Wapakoneta, Ohio USA.
  • The Mandolin Archive - Written and photo archive, instruments of mandolin family produced by Gibson Corporation over the years.
  • The Mandolin Page - History and information about mandolin family instruments including playing instructions, photos, chords, modes, and tunings.
  • Weber Mandolins - Makers of hand crafted mandolins, mandolas, octave mandolins, and mandocellos featuring new and innovative designs. Parts and accessories also available. Belgrade, Montana USA.

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