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Aram Khachaturian

6 jun 1903 (Tiflis) - 1 may 1978 (Moscow)
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Worklist for Aram Khachaturian

Aram Ilyich Khatchaturian

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name cmt key instr year time genre
125 works
1Dance in B flat major B-pno1925 Dances
2Song of the Strolling Ashug  cel,pno1925 Song
3Dream for cello and piano  cel,pno1925  
4Elegy for Cello and Piano in G Minor G-cel,pno1925 Elegy
5Andantino  pno1926 Andante
6Waltz-Etude  pno1926 Waltz
7Piece for cello and piano  cel,pno1926  
8Waltz-Caprice in C sharp minor C#-pno1926 Waltz
9Dance in G minor for piano  pno1926 Dances
10Lullaby for violin and piano  pno,vln1926 Berceuse
11Dance No. 1 in B flat major for vln and pn Bb+pno,vln1926 Dances
12Poem in C sharp minor for piano  pno1927 Poem
13Pantomime for oboe and piano  obo,pno1927  
14Music to A. Paronian's Play "Uncle Bagdasar"   1927 Opera
15Music to G. Sundukian's Play "Khatabala"   1928 Opera
16Variations on the Theme "Solveig"  pno1928 Variations
17Music to A. Paronian's Play "The Eastern Dentist"   1928 Opera
18Allegretto for violin and piano  pno,vln1929 Allegro
19Song-Poem "In Honor of Ashugs"     Poem
20Army March No. 1 in A flat major  wor1929 March
21Army March No. 2 in F minor  wor1930 March
22Music to I. Mikitenko's Play "An Affair of Honor"   1931 Opera
23String Quartet  cha1931 String quartet
24Toccata in E flat minor for piano Eb+pno1932 Toccata
25Mass Dance for bayan   1932 Dances
262 Pieces on Themes of Uzbek Folk Songs  wor1932  
272 Pieces on Themes of Armenian Folk Songs   1932  
28Suite for piano   1932 Suite
29Sonata for violin and piano  pno,vln1932 Sonata
30Trio in C minor for B-flatfor B-flat clarinet, violin and piano cla,pno,vln1932  
31Dance No. 3 for piano  pno1933 Dances
32Dance Suite for orchestra  orc1933 Suite
33Music to W. Shakespeare's Tragedy "Macbeth" (1933)   1933 Opera
34March No. 3 for piano  pno1934 March
35Symphony No. 1  orc1934 41:00Symphony
36Music to G. Sundukian's Play "The Ravaged Hearth"   1935 Opera
37Music to the Film "Pepo"   1935 Film score
38Concerto for piano and orch in D flat major Db+orc,pno1936 35:00Concerto
38aConcerto in D flat major arr. for two pianos  pno21936 Concerto
39Music to V. Kirshon's Play "The Big Day"   1937 Opera
40Music to N. Nikitin's Play "Baku"   1937 Opera
41Poem about Stalin "Song of the Ashug"  cho,orc1938 23:00Poem
42Music to the Film "Zangezur"   1938 Film score
42aMarch from the Film "Zangezur"  wor1938 March
43Happiness, ballet in three acts   1939 Ballet
44Music to the Film "The Garden"   1939 Film score
45Music to Lope de Vega's Comedy "The Valencian Widow"   1940 Opera
45aSuite from "The Valencian Widow"   1940 Suite
46Concerto for violin and orchestra in D minor D-vln,orc1940 36:00Violin concerto
46aViolin concerto arr for violin and piano     Concerto
46bViolin concerto arr for flute and orchestra   1968 Concerto
47Budionovka, mass dance for piano  pno1940 Dances
48Music to M. Lermontov's Drama "Masquerada"   1941 Opera
48aSuite from "Masquerada" for orchestra  orc1944 16:00Suite
48bSuite from "Masquerada" for piano  pno1944 Suite
48cNocturne for violin and pianoArranged from Masquerada pno,vln1948 Nocturne
49Music to the Film "Salavat Iulaev"   1941 Film score
50Gayaneh, ballet in four acts   1942 Ballet
51Music to N. Pogodin's Play "The Kremlin Chimes"   1942 Opera
52To the Heroes of the Patriotic War  win1942 4:00March
53Suite no. 1 from the ballet "Gayaneh"  orc1943 Suite
54Suite no. 2 from the ballet "Gayaneh"  orc1943 Suite
55Suite no. 3 from the ballet "Gayaneh"  orc1943 Suite
56Symphony No. 2 in E- "Symphony with Bells" E-orc1943 Symphony
57Music to A. Kron's Play "Detailed Reconnaissance"   1943 Opera
58Choreographic Waltz for piano  pno1944 Waltz
59Fantasy on Russian Themes  orc1944 6:00Fantasy
60State Anthem of the Armenian SSR  cho,orc1944 4:00Anthem
613 Pieces for two pianos  pno21944 10:00 
62Children's Album, book I for piano  pno1947  
63Music to V. Shkvarkin's Play "The Last Day"   1945 Opera
64Music to the Film "Prisoner No. 217"   1945 Film score
65Concerto for cello and orchestra   1946 35:00Cello concerto
663 Concert Arias for high voice and orchestra  orc,fvo1946 Aria
67Symphony No. 3 "Symphony-Poem"   1947 21:00Symphony
68Music to M. Aliger's Play "A Tale of Truth"   1947 Opera
69Music to A. Perventsev's Play "The Southern Junction"   1947 Opera
70Music to the Film "The Russian Question"   1948 Opera
71Ode in Memory of Vladimir Ilich Lenin  orc1948 10:00Ode
72Music to the Film " Vladimir Ilich Lenin"   1949 Film score
73Music to S. Mikhalkov's Play "Ilia Golovin"   1949 Opera
74Music to the Film "The Battle of Stalingrad"   1949 Film score
74aSuite from "The Battle of Stalingrad"  orc1949 Suite
75Triumphal PoemFestive PoemD+orc1950 21:00Poem
76Music to the Film "They Have a Native Country"   1950 Film score
77Music to the Film "Secret Mission"   1950 Film score
78Music to the Film "Admiral Ushakov"   1953 Film score
79Music to Film "Ships Storming the Bastions"   1953 Film score
80Music to A. Iakobson's Play "The Angel-Protector from Nebraska"   1953 Opera
81Music to Iu. Chepurin's Play "Spring Stream"   1953 Opera
82Spartacus, ballet in four acts   1954 Ballet
82aSuite no. 1 from "Spartacus"  orc1955 27:00Suite
82bSuite no. 2 from "Spartacus"  orc1955 20:30Suite
82cSuite no. 3 from "Spartacus"  orc1955 22:00Suite
82dSymphonic Pictures from scenes 4 and 5 of the ballet "Spartacus"  orc1955  
82eSymphonic Pictures from scene 9 of the ballet "Spartacus"   1955  
83Music to B. Lavrenev's Play "Lermontov"   1954 Opera
84Music to W. Shakespeare's Tragedy "Macbeth" (1955)   1955 Opera
85Music to the Film "Saltanat"   1955 Film score
86Music to the Film "The Bonfire of Immortality/Undying Flame"   1956 Film score
87Music to the Film "Othello"   1956 Film score
87aSuite from the Music to the Film "Othello"  orc1956 Suite
88Ode To Joycantata for mezzo-soprano, mixed chorus, ensemble of violinists, ensemble of harps and orchestra sop,cho,vln0,har0,orc1956 12:00Cantata
89Gayaneh, ballet in three acts   1957 Ballet
90Music to the Film "The Duel"   1957 Film score
91Greeting Overture in D flat major  orc1958 5:00Overture
92Music to W. Shakespeare's Tragedy "King Lear"   1958 Opera
93Sonatina in C major for piano C+pno1958 11:00Sonata
94Suite from Lavrenev's Play "Lermontov"  orc1959 15:00Suite
95Sonata in E flat major for piano Eb+pno1961 Sonata
96Concerto-Rhapsody for violin and orchestra Bb+vln,orc1961 Rhapsody
97Ballad of the Motherland  bas,orc1961 Ballade
98Music to the Film "The Tocsin of Peace"   1962 Film score
99Concerto-Rhapsody for cello and orchestra  cel,orc1963 25:00Rhapsody
100Children's Album  pno1965  
101Recitatives and Fugues for piano  pno1966 Fugue
102Concerto-Rhapsody for piano and orchestra Db+pno,orc1967 21:00Rhapsody
102aConcerto Rhapsody fot two piano'sArrangement of opus 102.Db+pno21967 Rhapsody
103March of the Soviet Militia in E flat major Eb+ 1973 4:00March
104Sonata-Fantasy in C major for cello solo  cel1974 Sonata
105Triumphal Fanfares in F majorFor Trumpet and Drums.F+tru,pcs1975  
106Sonata-Monologue for violin solo  vln1975 Sonata
107Sonata-Song for viola solo  vln1976 Sonata
108Vocalise in C major for piano  pno1978  
 Adventures of Ivan  pno   
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