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Wilhelm Kienzl   Opus 85

Der Kuhreigen

Opera 1911.
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Der Kuhreigen is an opera (called a 'musikalisches Schauspiel' or 'musical play') in three acts by the Austrian composer Wilhelm Kienzl. The libretto, by Richard Batka, is after Rudolf Hans Bartsch's novel Die kleine Blanchefleur. It was first performed in Vienna on 23 November 1911.



Role Voice type Premiere Cast, 23 November 1911
Conductor: Robert Heger
Blanchefleur soprano Maria Jeritza
Primus Thaller tenor Rudolf Ritter
Brayole tenor
Cleo mezzo-soprano
Dursel bass
Kanzler bass
The King bass
Marquis de Chézy bass
Marquis Massimelle bass


Set in revolutionary France, this is the love story of the Swiss Sergeant Primus Thaller, condemned for singing the banned Swiss 'Kuhreigen' folksong, and Blanchefleur, wife of the Marquis Massimelle, who saves him and then herself becomes a victim of the revolution.


Kienzl: Der Kuhreigen - Vienna ORTF Orchestra

  • Conductor: Lothar Zagrosek
  • Principal singers: Georg Schnapka, Robert Granzer, Mirjana Irosch, Adolfo Dallapozza, Christian Boesch, Walter Eder, Peter Drahosch, Rudolf Weiss, Elisabeth Sobota et al.
  • Recording date: January 27, 1973
  • Label: House of Opera - 6948 (CD)[1]


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