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Zoltán Kodály

16 dec 1882 (Kecskemét) - 6 mar 1967 (Budapest)

Books about Zoltán Kodály and his music

bookLois Choksy The Kodaly Method I: Comprehensive Music Education (3rd Edition)
Prentice Hall, 1998; ISBN 0139491651; 303 pages
Designed to provide sample month-by-month and yearly plans for each grade level from one to six, this step-by-step guide features a collection of more than 200 songs —many of which are new to the Third Edition —organized precisely in the sequence of the Kodaly Method. KEY TOPICS: It presents a highly sequential music program in which singing, moving, listening, musical reading and writing, improvising and composing are the means through which children develop skills and acquire knowledge about melody, harmony, rhythm, form, tempo, timbre, and dynamics. Price indication: $ 76.95
bookGrace C. Nash Creative Approaches to Child Development With Music, Language, and Movement: Incorporating the Philosophies and Techniques of Orff, Kodaly and Laban
Alfred Publishing Company, 1974; ISBN 0882840142; 176 pages
A wonderful collection of Grace Nash’s creative approaches to child development using music, language and movement. Incorporates the philosophies and techniques of Orff, Kodaly and Laban. Price indication: $ 19.69
bookK.S. Dniel Kodaly Approach (Wookbook 1,2,3)
Warner Bros Pubns, 1985; ISBN 0769253474; 48 pages
A sequentially organized program for grades K-6. The three workbooks contain materials for ear and rhythm training, music writing and reading, and for creative work. Designed for North American schools, the program applies the Kodály approach to familiar songs and rhythms. These workbooks may be used to supplement the Threshold to Music program. Price indication: $ 4.95
bookLois Choksy Kodaly Context, The
Prentice Hall, 1981; ISBN 0135166667; 304 pages
Capitalizes on popularity of Kodaly Method. Supplement or stand alone text. Price indication: $ 66.80
bookLois Choksy The Koadly Method: Comprehensive Music Education from Infant to Adult
Prentice-Hall, 1974; ISBN 0135167574; 221 pages Price indication: $ 199.99
bookMaxine Beasley Prepare, Present And Practice: The Details of a Kodaly Based Program
Authorhouse, 2005; ISBN 1420828649; 184 pages
Upon completion of a Kodaly certification program, the need for plans to develop a method of PREPARING, PRESENTING, and PRACTICING a concept was still a challenge. The following lessons were developed as a means to provide a solution to the problem. Consideration had to be given to teacher grade assignment and previous music study by students. The plans were taught to fourth and fifth grade students at Ogden Elementary school in Beaumont, Texas. These students had no previous knowledge of Kodaly method. Classes were held twice a week for forty-five minutes. Success of the program was apparent by the students' participation in Middle and High School music organizations. Price indication: $ 17.95
bookK. Daniel Kodaly Approach (Workbook 2) (Workbooks 1,2 and 3)
Columbia Pictures Pubns, 1973; ISBN 0822490501 Price indication: $ 5.95
bookZoltan Kodaly The selected writings of Zoltan Kodaly
Boosey & Hawkes, 1974; ISBN 0851620213; 239 pages Price indication: $ 166.30
bookMicheal Houlahan and Michael Houlahan and Philip Tacka Zoltan Kodaly: A Guide to Research (Composer Resource Manuals)
Garland Publishing, 1998; ISBN 0815328532; 611 pages Price indication: $ 135.00
bookLaszlo Eosze Zoltan Kodaly; his life and work
Crescendo Pub. Co, 1962; ISBN 0875970192; 183 pages Price indication: $ 70.00
bookPercy Marshall Young Zoltan Kodaly : A Hungarian Musician
Greenwood Press Reprint, 1976; ISBN 0837186501; 231 pages
A biography of Hungarian composer Zoltan Kodaly which discusses his life and works, including concert performances. Price indication: $ 52.95
bookErzsebert Szonyi Kodaly's Principles in Practice
Boosey & Hawkes, 1974; ISBN 0851620094; 74 pages Price indication: $ 6.00
bookCecilia Vajda The Kodaly Way to Music - Book 2
Boosey and Hawkes, 2004; ISBN 0951259237; 248 pages Price indication: $ 70.00
bookZoltan Kodaly and Lajos Vargyas Folk Music of Hungary (Da Capo Press Music Series)
Da Capo Pr, 1987; ISBN 0306794667; 195 pages Price indication: (used only): from $ 22.00
bookEosze Laszlo Zoltan Kodaly: His Life and Work
Taplinger Pub Co, 1969; ISBN 0800887891 Price indication: (used only): from $ 45.00
bookErzsebet Hegyi Solfege According to the Kodaly Concept
Boosey & Hawkes, 1975; ISBN 0913932094 Price indication: (used only): from $ 34.99

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