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Zoltán Kodály

16 dec 1882 (Kecskemét) - 6 mar 1967 (Budapest)
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Worklist for Zoltán Kodály

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name cmt key instr year time genre
55 works
116 Songs on Popular Words for Voice and Piano   1909 Song
2String Quartet no. 1   1909 String quartet
3Music for Piano  pno1909  
4Sonata for Cello and PianoSzonáta gordonkára és zongorára = Sonata for Cello and Piano. cel,pno1910 18:00Sonata
52 Songs for Voice and Orchestra   1916 Song
6Belated MelodiesSeven Songs for Voice and Piano  1916 Song
7Duo for Violin and CelloDuó hegedûre és gordonkára = Duo for Violin and Cello. cel,vln1914 24:00 
8Sonata for Solo CelloSzonáta szóló gordonkára = Sonata for Solo Cello. cel1915 31:00Sonata
95 Songs for Voice and Piano     Song
10String Quartet no. 2   1918 String quartet
117 Paino Pieces  pno1918  
12Serenade for Two Violins and Viola  vla,vln1920 Serenade
13Psalmus Hungaricus  orc,voc1923 23:00 
143 Songs for Voice and Piano     Song
15Háry János   1927 Opera
 12 Little Pieces  pno  3:45 
 2 Folk Songs from Zobor   1908 Choir
 2 Male-Voice Choruses   1917 Choir
 3 Choral Preludes (Bach)Transcription of three preludes from Bach cel,pno1923 14:30 
 4 Italian Madrigals   1932 Choir
 4 Songs for Voice and Piano     Song
 A Birthday Greeting   1931 Choir
 Adagio for Violin and Piano  pno,vln1905 Adagio
 Concerto  orc1939  
 Dances of Galanta 1933orc  20:00Dances
 Dances of Marosszek (orchestral)  orc1930 Dances
 Dances of Marosszek (piano)  pno1927 Dances
 Epitaphium Joannis Hunyadi  voc,pno  Song
 EpigramsEpigrammák = Epigrams. cel1954 15:00 
 Epiphany   1933 Choir
 Evening   1904 Choir
 Háry János Suite  orc1927  
 Himfy Song  voc,pno  Song
 Kallo Folk Dances  orc,voc1950  
 Lengyel Laszlo     Choral
 Missa Brevis  orc,voc1944  
 Matra Pictures   1931 Choir
 Nights in the Mountains I-IV   1956 Choir
 Prelude and Fugue (Bach)Preludium és fúga = Prelude and Fugue. Transcription of Wohltemperiertes Klavier 1/8.  1951 8:00Preludes and fugues
 Summer Evening  orc1906  
 St. Gregory's Day   1926 Choir
 Stabat Mater     Hymn
 Spinning RoomLyrical Scenes, with folk songs from Transylvania.  1932 Opera
 See, the Gypsy Munching Cheese   1925 Choir
 Symphony  orc1961  
 The Angels and the Shepherds   1935 Choir
 Tancnota (Dancing song)     2:00Song
 The Bachelor   1934 Choir
 Te Deum of Budavar  orc,voc1944  
 The good housewifeJó gazd'asszony. For female choir.    0:50Choir
 Theatre Overture  orc1927  
 The Peacock (orchestral)  orc1939  
 The Peacock (choir)   1937 Choir
 The Ruins   1936 Choir
 The Straw Guy   1925 Choir
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