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Franz Liszt

22 oct 1811 (Raiding) - 31 jul 1886 (Bayreuth)

The opus number for Liszt's works are seldom used. Instead either the S number (after Humphrey Searle) or the R number (after Peter Raabe) is used. The S number is sometimes indicated as a G number as Searle published his list in the Grove dictionary.

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Name/Genre/Year/Popularity S R
12 Lieder (Schubert) (3;6m) 558    
12 Transcendental Etudes (10;64m) 139 2b
2 concert etudes (1;4m) 145 6
3 concert etudes (5;6m) 144 5
3 Sonetti di Petrarca (1;18m) 270    
5 Klavierstücke (incl. Sospiri) (1;2m) 192 60
6 Chants Polonais (Chopin) (3;7m) 480 257:8+
6 Mélodies favorites de La belle meunière (2;4m) 565    
6 Praeludien und Fugen für orgel (Bach) (1;10m) 462    
6 trancendental etudes after Paganini (v1) (2;11m) 140    
6 trancendental etudes after Paganini (v2) (3;6m) 141 3b
7 Lieder (Mendelssohn) (1;14m) 547    
A Faust Symphony (1;56m) 108    
Ab irato (v1) (1;2m) 142 4b
Abschied (2;3m) 251    
Album Leaf or Consolation No 1 (1;1m) 171b    
Am stillen Herd (Die Meistersinger) (1;8m) 448    
Années de pèlerinage I (14;51m) 160 10a
Années de pèlerinage II (10;42m) 161 10b
Années de pèlerinage III (4;44m) 163 10e
Aus Mozarts Requiem (Confutatis; Lacrimosa) (1;5m) 550 229
Aus Richard Wagners Lohengrin (1;5m) 446    
Ballade no. 2 (5;16m) 171 16
Ce qu'on entend sur la montagne (orch) (2;37m) 95    
Consolations (5;19m) 172 12
Die Ideale (orch) (1;27m) 106 423
En rêve (1;2m) 207 87
Evocation a la Chapelle Sixtine (1;15m) 658    
Fantasie und Fuge Bach (v2) (1;13m) 529ii 22
Fantasy on Hungarian Folk Tunes (2;15m) 123    
Festklange (orch) (1;18m) 101 418
Geistliche Lieder (Schubert) (1;3m) 562    
Hamlet (orch) (1;15m) 104 421
Harmonies Poétiques et Réligieuses S173 (7;28m) 173 14
Heroide funebre (orch) (1;21m) 102 419
Hungaria (orch) (2;33m) 103 412
Hungarian Recruiting Songs 'Zum Andenken' (1;5m) 241    
Hungarian Rhapsodies (10;73m) 244 106
Hungarian Rhapsodies for orchestra (Doppler) (2;65m) 359    
Hunnenschlacht (orch) (1;14m) 105 422
Illustrations de l'Africaine I:Priere des matelots (1;10m) 415:1    
Impromptu in F sharp major ("Nocturne") (1;5m) 191 59
In Festo Transfigurationis Domini Nostri Jesu (2;3m) 188 74
Isoldens Liebestod (Wagner's 'Tristan') (2;8m) 447    
Name/Genre/Year/Popularity S R
La cloche sonne (1;2m) 238    
La lugubre gondola II (1;7m) 200:2 81ii
La Notte (1;11m) 699 664
Légende No. 1: St François d'Assise (1;18m) 175:1 17:1
Légende No. 2: St François de Paule (3;8m) 175:2 17:2
Les Preludes (orch) (2;16m) 97 416
Les Préludes (v2) (1;16m) 511a    
Liebesträume: 3 Notturnos (6;6m) 541 211
Mazeppa (orch) (3;17m) 100 417
Mephisto Waltz No 1 (5;13m) 514 181
Nuages gris (2;4m) 199 78
O du mein holder Abendstern (Tannhäuser) (1;8m) 444    
O Roma nobilis S546a (1;2m) 546a    
Oh, quand je dors (1;18m) 282    
Orgel-Fantasie und Fuge in G-moll (Bach, v1) (2;6m) 463i    
Orpheus (orch) (1;11m) 98 415
Piano Concerto No. 1 in E flat (4;20m) 124    
Piano Concerto No. 2 in A major (1;23m) 125    
Piano Sonata in B minor (9;35m) 178 21
Prelude and Fugue on BACH (1;11m) 260    
Preludio Funebre (1;2m)    
Rapsodie espagnole (1;12m) 254    
Recueillement (Bellini in Memoriam) (2;5m) 204 86
Réminiscences de Don Juan (Mozart) (1;18m) 418    
Resignazione (v1) (2;2m) 187a 388
Rigoletto concert paraphrase (Verdi) (4;8m) 434    
Romance oubliée (1;4m) 527 66b
Sancta Dorothea (1;2m) 187 73
Schwanengesang (Schubert) (2;6m) 560    
Soirées de Vienne - 9 Valses-caprices (2;8m) 427    
Ständchen "Leise Flehen" (1;6m) 560a    
Symphonie No. 1 (Beethoven) (1;7m) 464:1    
Symphonie No. 5 (Beethoven, v2) (1;18m) 464:5    
Tasso, Lamento e trionfo (orch) (1;23m) 96 413
Totentanz Paraphrase on "Dies Irae" (2;16m) 126ii    
Trauervorspiel und Trauermarsch (1;7m) 206 84
Valse Impromptu (1;6m) 213 36
Valse mélancolique (v1) (1;7m) 210    
Venezia e Napoli (4;16m) 162 10c
Waltz from Gounod's "Faust" (1;8m) 407    
Weinen, Klagen (Variationen) (1;15m) 180    
Widmung (Schumann) (3;5m) 566    
Winterreise (Schubert) (1;6m) 561    

Explanation (2;5m) or (2;5m;v)
2 number of artists with performances for this work
5m duration in minutes of longest performance (rounded)
v (optional) for this work a video is available

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