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Jean-Baptiste Lully

28 nov 1632 (Florence) - 22 mar 1687 (Paris)
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  • Jean Baptiste Lully - Streetswing's Dance History profiles his contribution to dance and the development of the ballet. Lists his ballets, noted dancers, and types of dances.
  • Jean-Baptiste Lully - Biography from the Here Of A Sunday Morning radio program includes details of his relationship with King Louis XIV, provides related composers and period information, and has a partial discography.
  • Jean-Baptiste Lully - Article from the Catholic Encyclopedia profiles his secular and religious contributions.
  • Jean-Baptiste Lully - Listing at the Lied and Arts Songs Text Page with lyrics, some in English translation.
  • Jean-Baptiste Lully - Filmography at IMDb notes movies and television shows featuring his compositions.
  • Jean-Baptiste Lully - Find A Grave entry with life history, involvement with the Sun King, his homosexuality and sham marriage, and the story of his death from gangrene. Includes portrait, photos of tomb and church where buried, and interactive memorial.
  • Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687) - Brief biographical sketch noting his collaborations, caricature, comments on stage and church music, and Naxos discography.
  • Lully, Jean-Baptiste (1632 - 1687), Italy/France - Biographical data, innovations and career highlights, recommended CDs, books and sheet music, bibliography, and links to biographical essays.
  • - Jean-Baptiste Lully - Links, recommended recordings and books, new and forthcoming recordings, and pictures.
  • University of North Texas Music Library's Lully Collection - Multimedia (graphic and audio) catalog of and reference source for the University of North Texas Music Library's collection of pre-19th-century editions of works by the French composer.

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