Biography of

Armando Manzanero

7 dec 1935 (Mérida) -
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Armando Manzanero
Birth name Armando Manzanero
Born December 7, 1935 (1935-12-07) (age 74)
Origin Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico
Genres Bolero, Romantic ballad
Occupations Composer
Instruments Piano
Years active 1950- present
Labels RCA Victor

Armando Manzanero Canché (born in Mérida, Mexico on December 7, 1935) is a Mexican musician and composer of Maya descent,[citation needed] widely considered the premiere Mexican romantic composer of the postwar era. One of the most successful composers of Latin America.[1]



At the age of eight he was introduced into the world of music in the Escuela de Bellas Artes (School of Fine Arts) of his native city, later furthering his musical studies in Mexico City. In 1950, at the age of fifteen, he composed his first melody titled Nunca en el Mundo (Never in the World), of which twenty-one versions in different languages have been recorded to date.[2] The following year he began his professional career as a pianist.

In 1957 he was signed as musical director by the Mexican branch of CBS International and as Musical Promoter for EMI,[3] becoming the next year the pianist of Latin American artists such as Pedro Vargas, Lucho Gatica and Raphael.[2]

In 1959, an executive of RCA Victor urged him to record his first album of love songs, which he named Mi Primera Grabación (My First Record).[3]

In 1965 he won the first place of the Festival de la Canción (Song Festival) in Miami with the song Cuando Estoy Contigo (When I'm With You).[4]

In 1970, his song Somos Novios was translated into English by Sid Wayne, composer for Elvis Presley. The English version, "It's Impossible", was performed by Perry Como and was nominated for a Grammy. This success was marred by the verdict of an American court, which ruled against Manzanero, who was accused of plagiarism and forced to return all the royalties he gained from "It's Impossible". This was a great blow for Manzanero, who had composed the song "Somos Novios" twenty years before and who was himself the victim of plagiarism by a composer (not Sid Wayne). Today, it's acknowledged that Manzanero was indeed the composer of this song and that he was wrongfully accused.[5]

In 1978 he won the first place of the Mallorca Festival in Spain, with the song Señor Amor (Mister Love). In 1982, the song Corazón Amigo (Heart Friend), was honored in the Yamaha Festival. In 1993 Billboard magazine gave him an award for his excellent musical career.[6]

Since 1982 Manzanero is the vice president and one of the main directors of the Asociación Nacional de Autores y Compositores (Mexican National Association of Authors and Composers). His work in defense of copyright laws has strengthened this organization and has given it international acclaim.[7]

His work has been performed by singers such as Frank Sinatra, Andrea Bocelli, Tony Bennet, Elvis Presley, Frank Pourcel, Paul Muriat, Ray Conniff, Manoella Torres, Marco Antonio Muñiz, Angelica Maria, Raphael, José José, Tania Libertad, Christina Aguilera, Luis Miguel, Lucero, Cristian Castro, Il Divo, and accompanied the piano of Raúl di Blasio.

During his lifetime, Armando Manzanero has composed more than four hundred songs, fifty of which have given him international fame. He has participated in numerous radio and television shows, has recorded more than thirty albums and composed the musical scores of several movies. During the fifty years of his musical career, Manzanero has given performances all over Latin America, particularly in São Paulo (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), El Metropolitan (Mexico), the Teresa Carreño Theater of Caracas (Venezuela), Madison Square Garden (New York), and many other prestigious cities of Europe and Asia.[4]

His most famous songs include Voy a apagar la luz (I'm Going to Turn Off the Lights), Contigo Aprendí ( With you I Learnt... ), Adoro (Adore), No sé tú (I don't know if you...), Por Debajo de la Mesa (Under the Table) Esta Tarde Vi Llover (English version "Yesterday I Heard the Rain"), Somos Novios (English version "It's Impossible"), Felicidad (Happiness) and Nada Personal (Nothing Personal).

Selected discography

  • 1959: Mi Primera Grabación
  • 1967: A mi amor... Con mi amor
  • 1967: Manzanero el Grande
  • 1968: Somos Novios
  • 1968: Armando Manzanero, su piano y su música
  • 1969: Para mi siempre amor
  • N/A: Que bonito viven los enamorados
  • 1976: Lo mejor de Armando Manzanero
  • 1977: Fanático de ti
  • 1977: Corazón Salvaje
  • 1979: Ternura y Romance
  • 1981: Mi trato contigo
  • 1982: Otra vez romántico
  • 1985: Armando Manzanero
  • 1987: Cariñosamente, Manzanero
  • 1988: Mientras existas tú
  • 1992: Las canciones que quise escribir
  • 1993: Entre amigos
  • 1995: El piano... Manzanero y sus amigos
  • 1996: Nada Personal
  • 1997: Intimos (Ft. Bebu Silvetti)
  • 1998: Manzanero y La Libertad (Ft. Tania Libertad)
  • 2001: Duetos
  • 2002: Duetos 2
  • 2002: Lo Mejor de lo Mejor
  • 2005: Lo Esencial
  • 2006: De la A a la Z (Ft. Susana Zabaleta)-DVD
  • 2008: Las mujeres de Manzanero
  • 2009: Amarrados (Ft. Susana Zabaleta)

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