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Thomas Morley

1557/8 - 1602
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Worklist for Thomas Morley

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name cmt key instr year time genre
49 works
Air for 3 Viols  lut  Aria
April is in my mistress face     2:30Song
Arise, Awake, Awake  lut   
Arise, Get Up, My Dear  lut   
Besides A Fountain  lut   
Can She Excuse  lut   
Farewell, disdainful  lut   
Fire and Lightning  lut   
Fire! Fire! My Heart!Fyer Fyer, My Heart    2:15Madrigal
Go From My Window  lut   
Good Morrow, Fair Ladies  lut   
Hard By A Crystal Fountain  lut   
Hark, Alleluia Cheerly  lut   
Hark, Jolly Shepherds      
Ho! Who Comes Here?  lut   
I Follow, Lo, The Footing  lut   
I Go Before, My Darling  lut   
I Love, Alas, I Love Thee     Madrigal
I will no more come to three      
Il Grillo  lut   
In Dew of Roses  lut   
In nets of golden wires  lut   
It was a Lover and His Lass     2:30Song
Joyne Hands  lut   
La Coranto  lut   
La Sampogna  lut   
La Volta  lut   
Leave This Tormenting  lut   
Miraculous Love's Wounding!  lut   
My Bonny Lass  lut   
My Lord of Oxenfords Maske  lut   
No, No, Nigella  lut   
Nolo Mortem Peccatoris      
Now is the Month of Maying     3:00Madrigal
O Grief Even on the Bud  lut   
O Mistress Mine  lut   
Say, Gentle Nymphs  lut   
See Mine Own Sweet Jewel     1:30Madrigal
Shoot, False Love, I Care Not  lut   
Sing we and chant it     1:45Madrigal
Sleep slumbering eyes      
Springtime Mantleth Every Bough      
Still it Frieth      
Sweet Nymph Come to thy Lover  lut   
Though Philomela Lost Her Love     Choir
When, Lo, By Break of Morning  lut   
Whither Away, So Fast  lut   
Will You Buy a Fine Dog?  lut   
You that wont to my pipes sound     Madrigal
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