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Robert Muczynski

19 mar 1929 (Chicago) -
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Worklist for Robert Muczynski

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name cmt key instr year time genre
54 works
1Sonatina for Piano  pno1949 Sonatina
2Divertimento for Piano and Orchestra  pno,orc1951 Divertimento
35 Piano Sketches  pno1952  
4Allegro Decisofor Brass Sextet and Timpani bra,tim1952  
5Symphony No. 1  orc1953 Symphony
66 Preludes for Piano  pno1953 Prelude
7Concerto No. 1 for Piano and Orchestra  pno,orc1954 Concerto
8Variations on a Theme of Tcherepnin  pno1955 Variations
9Piano Sonata No. 1   1955  
10Galena: A Town   1957  
11:1Trumpet Trio   1959  
11:23 Designs for Three Timpani   1960  
12Dovetail Overture  orc1959 Overture
13Suite for Piano  pno1960 Suite
14Sonata for Flute and Piano  flu,pno  Sonata
15Toccata for Piano   1961 Toccata
16Movements for Wind Quintet   1962  
17Dance Movements  cor1962  
183 Preludes for Unaccompanied Flute  flu1962  
19A Summer Journal  pno1964  
20Symphonic Dialogues  orc1965  
21Fables9 piano pieces for the young. pno1965  
22Piano Sonata No. 2   1965 Piano Sonata
23Diversions9 piano pieces for students. pno1967  
24Piano Trio No. 1   1967 Piano trio
25Sonata for Cello and Piano   1968 Sonata
26Fantasy Trio  cla,cel,pno1969 Fantasy
27Voyage7 pieces for trumpet, horn and trombone. tru,hor,trb1969  
28Charade  orc1970  
29Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano  sax,pno1970 Sonata
30Seven for Piano  pno1970  
31Trio for Violin, Viola and Cello  cel,vla,vln1971  
32Impromptus for Solo Tuba  tub1972 Impromptus
33Synonyms for Life  sat,cho,pno1973  
34Duos for Flutes  flu01973  
35Piano Sonata No. 3   1973 Piano Sonata
36Piano Trio No. 2   1975  
37Maverick Pieces for Piano  pno1976  
38A Serenade for Summer  cor1976 Serenade
39Symphonic Memoir  orc1978  
40Masks  pno1980  
41Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Chamber Orchestra  sax,cor1981 Concerto
42Profiles  hsc1982  
43Time Pieces  cla,pno1983  
44Dream Cycle  pno1983  
45Quintet for Winds  win1985  
46Piano Trio No. 3   1986 Piano trio
47Moments  flu,pno1992  
48Desperate Measures (Paganini Variations)  pno1996 10:00Variations
 Alleluia  sat,cho1961 Hymn
 FragmentsFor Woodwind Trio, Flute, Clarinet and Bassoon.  1958  
 GallerySuite for Solo Cello (on paintings of Charles Burchfield) cel1966 Suite
 I Never Saw a Moor  sat,cho1967  
 Statements for Percussion   1961  
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