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Vaclav Nelhybel

24 sep 1919 (Polanka) - 22 mar 1996 (Scranton)
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Worklist for Vaclav Nelhybel

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name cmt key instr year time genre
80 works
2 Symphonic movements  brb1970 14:00 
3 Revolutionary Marches  brb1967  
Adagio and Allegro  brb1966 7:00Adagio
Aegean Modes  brb1977  
Agitato e Marcia  brb  6:00 
Agon  brb1984 8:00 
Alaska Scherzo  brb   
Amen  brb1979  
Andante and Toccata  brb1966 6:25 
Appassionato  brb1966 6:30 
Ballad  brb1976  
Benny Havens  brb  8:00 
Born to die  brb1983 8:00 
Ca IraSong of the French Revolution brb1976 4:00 
Cantus  brb1989 12:00 
Caucasian passacaglia  brb1967 5:00 
Ceremony for band  brb   
Chorale  brb1965 5:00 
Chorale Variations  brb   
Christmas in Poland  brb1983 7:00 
Christmas march  brb1998  
Concert Etude for clarinet & piano      
Concert Etudes for 4 Bassoons  bsn4  Etude
Concertante  brb1982 8:00 
Corsican Litany  brb1976 7:00 
Crusaders  brb1976  
Czech Suite  brb1974 6:00 
Dance of the dead souls  brb  7:00 
Divertimento for band  brb  7:30Divertimento
Dixie Parade  brb1974 5:00 
Drake Suite  brb  9:00 
Epitaph  brb  10:00 
Espressivo  brb   
Evening Song  brb1976 5:00 
Fanfaresabridged version of the overture to the opera Libuse brb1976  
Fantasia  brb1982 5:00Fantasy
Festive adorations  brb1988  
Festivo  brb1968 6:00 
Finale  brb1976  
French Suite  brb1982 5:00 
High Plains  brb1972  
Holiday in Germany  brb1982  
Lento for Band  brb2001 5:00 
Lyrical March  brb1977 March
March in Counterpoint  brb1976 March
March to Nowhere  brb1976 March
Marcia Dorica  brb1969 5:00 
Monolith  brb  10:00 
Musical Offering  brb1997 8:30 
Ostinato  brb   
Overture for Band  brb1985 9:00Overture
Parade  brb1976  
Piano Brass Quartet     7:30 
Prayer and Thanksgiving  brb1997  
Prelude and Fugue  brb1966 6:30Preludes and fugues
Procession to the end of time  brb1992  
Processional  brb1976  
Psalm 150      
Religioso  brb1976  
Ritual  brb1979 5:30 
Russian Chant and Dance  brb1974 8:00 
Sand-Selence-Solitude  brb   
Scherzo Concertante     3:15Scherzo
Sinfonia Resurrections  brb  25:00 
Songs of Praise  brb1997 8:00 
Star Sprangled Banner  brb1997  
Suite Concertante  brb1967 10:00Suite
Suite for Flute and Piano  flu,pno  Suite
Suite for Tuba & Piano     8:00Suite
Suite from Bohemia  brb1969 Suite
Symphonic movement  brb,orc1966 7:00 
Toccata in D  brb  Toccata
Toccata in D flat  brb  Toccata
Toccata in E  brb  Toccata
Tower Music  trb   
Trittico  brb1965 10:42 
Valse Nostalgique  brb1976 Waltz
Variations on Es Ist Genug  brb   
Yamaha Concerto  brb1971 5:00Concerto
Yugoslav Dance  brb1977 4:15 
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