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Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

1525/6 (Palestrina) - 2 feb 1594 (Rome)

Books about Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina and his music

bookKnud Jeppesen The Style of Palestrina and the Dissonance (Dover Books on Music)
Dover Publications, 2005; ISBN 0486442683; 320 pages
This classic study remains one of the foremost works on the music of the 16th-century composer known as Palestrina. A rigorous and valuable analysis of the composer's handling of rhythm, line, and harmony, it explores his treatment of dissonance as well as the evolving concept and treatment of dissonance by his predecessors. Price indication: $ 11.53
bookClara Marvin and Guy A. Marco Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina : A Research Guide (Composer Resource Manuals)
Routledge, 2001; ISBN 0815323514; 350 pages Price indication: $ 110.00
bookZoe Kendrick Pyne Giovanni Pierluigi Da Palestrina: His Life and Times
Best Books, 2001; ISBN 072225492X Price indication: $ 98.00
bookRobert Stewart An Introduction to Sixteenth Century Counterpoint and Palestrina's Musical Style
Ardsley House Publishers, Inc., 1994; ISBN 1880157071; 223 pages
This is a music theory text that presents a systematic approach to polyphonic composition in the ecclesiastical style of Palestrina. It is designed for use in beginning and intermediate level courses in modal counterpoint and helps students develop a systematic and reliable method to compare individual composers and stylistic trends of the Renaissance. It contains a comprehensive collection of Palestrina's works as well as selections from Lassus. Tear-out exercises can be used in conjunction with the text. Price indication: $ 48.00
bookJames Garratt and John Butt and Laurence Dreyfus Palestrina and the German Romantic Imagination : Interpreting Historicism in Nineteenth-Century Music (Musical Performance and Reception)
Cambridge University Press, 2002; ISBN 0521807379; 332 pages
James Garratt explores the revival of sixteenth-century music in nineteenth-century Germany, focusing on the reception of Palestrina by critics, historians, performers and composers. He demonstrates that the Palestrina revival was just as significant for nineteenth-century culture as parallel movements in the other arts. This study is of relevance to scholars, students and devotees of nineteenth-century music, as well as those with interests in nineteenth-century culture, art, architecture, literature and aesthetics, the history of church music and the early music revival. Price indication: $ 90.00
bookAlberto Cametti Palestrina
Ams Pr, 1925; ISBN 0404128785; 383 pages Price indication: $ 48.95
bookG. P. Palestrina and Gloriae Dei Cantores Prince of Music
Paraclete Pr, 2000; ISBN 1557250901 Price indication: $ 10.95
bookHenry Coates Palestrina (Encore music editions)
Hyperion Pr, 1979; ISBN 0883557320; 243 pages Price indication: $ 27.00
bookLino Bianchi Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
Fayard, 1994; ISBN 2213592535; 346 pages Price indication: $ 59.90
bookCharles Angoff Palestrina,: Savior of church music,
B. Ackerman, incorporated, 1944; 64 pages Price indication: $ 4.80
bookGeoffrey B Sharp Lassus & Palestrina, (Novello short biographies)
Novello, 1972; ISBN 0853600384; 20 pages Price indication: $ 107.62
bookV. Lafargue Palestrina
Fayard, 2003; ISBN 2213614636; 92 pages Price indication: $ 15.99
bookAllison Hall Palestrina
Music Library Association, 1980; ISBN 0914954180; 84 pages Price indication: $ 35.29
bookJerome Roche Palestrina (Oxford Studies of Composers)
Oxford Univ Pr (T), 1971; ISBN 0193141175; 60 pages Price indication: (used only): from $ 78.54
bookOwen Toller Pfitzners Palestrina: The "Musical Legend" and Its Background
Toccata Press, 1997; ISBN 0907689248 Price indication: $ 52.50

Sheet music, libretti, etc.

Masses and Motets - Dover Publications

Pope Marcellus Mass: An Authoritative Score, Backgrounds and Sources, History and Analysis, Views and Comments (Norton Critical Scores) - W. W. Norton & Company

Two Settings of Palestrina Missa Papae (Marcelli Baroque Vol 16) - A-R Editions

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