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Bernardo Pasquini

7 dec 1637 (Massa) - 22 nov 1710 (Rome)
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Bernardo Pasquini

Bernardo Pasquini (7 December 1637 – 22 November 1710) was an Italian composer of opera and church music.

He was born at Massa in Val di Nievole (Tuscany). He was a pupil of Antonio Cesti and Loreto Vittori. He came to Rome while still young and entered the service of Prince Borghese; later he became organist of the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. He enjoyed the protection of Queen Christina of Sweden, in whose honour an opera of his, Dov'è amore è pieta, was produced in 1679.

During Alessandro Scarlatti's second stay in Rome (1703–1708), Pasquini and Arcangelo Corelli were frequently associated with Scarlatti in musical performances, especially in connection with the Academy of Arcadia, of which all three were members. Pasquini died at Rome, and was buried in the church of San Lorenzo in Lucina.

He is also remembered as a vigorous composer for the harpsichord; one of his harpsichord pieces was transcribed for orchestra by Ottorino Respighi for his suite Gli Uccelli.


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"Catalogue of the works of Bernardo Pasquini, with biographical notes and comments on his style" 1952 Masters Thesis by Gloria Elena Terwilliger (Pasquini) - can be found in the Indiana University Library. (search by title for complete reference)

A portion of the thesis has been scanned and can be read online at


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