Biography of

Felipe Pedrell

18 feb 1841 (Tortosa) - 19 aug 1922 (Barcelona)
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Felip Pedrell

Felip Pedrell
Born 19 February 1841(1841-02-19)
Died 19 August 1922 (aged 81)

Felip Pedrell (Spanish: Felipe)(19 February 1841, Tortosa  – 19 August 1922, Barcelona), was a Spanish Catalan composer. He worked as a musicologist and early music specialist and edited Victoria’s opera omnia and the requiem of Joan Brudieu. This and other of his writings fostered a keen interest in the early music of Spain. Among his notable pupils was composer Rosa García Ascot.

Roberto Gerhard set 8 of Pedrell's folk tunes as Cancionero de Pedrell.


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