Jan Bertram (Piano)

Composer No.
Work [parts] Info & Download
Bach, J.S. 772+ Two-part inventions [1-4] 7'09 m137/4 Go to download page
Bach, J.S. 870+ Well-Tempered Clavier II [3] 4'48 m144 Go to download page
Beethoven, L. van 13 Piano Sonata No. 8 "Pathétique" 19'35 m128/3 Go to download page
Beethoven, L. van 14:1 Piano Sonata No. 9 in E major 14'00 m123/3 Go to download page
Beethoven, L. van 14:2 Piano Sonata No. 10 in G major 16'06 m123/3 Go to download page
Janacek, L. Sonate 1.10.1905 "From the street" 16'08 m256/2 Go to download page
Mozart, W.A. 333 Sonata for Piano no. 13 in B flat major 18'40 m224/3 Go to download page
Schubert, F. 946 3 piano pieces "Drei Klavierstücke" [1 Allegro assai - Andante - Te] 9'24 m256 Go to download page
Schumann, R. 12 Fantasiestücke op. 12 [1,5] 8'51 m142/2 Go to download page
Scriabin, A. 42 8 Etudes op. 42 [4 Etude No. 4 in F sharp Major] 2'10 m256 Go to download page

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