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US Marine Band (Brass band)

"President's own"

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Bach, J.S. 437Wir glauben all' an einen Gott3'35 m128 Go to download page
Beethoven, L. vanW24March for Wind Band in D major5'09 m155 Go to download page
Berlioz, H. 15Grande Symphonie funèbre et triomphale [Apotheose]8'52 m256 Go to download page
Berlioz, H. 21Le Corsaire [Overture]8'42 m160 Go to download page
Berlioz, H. 23Benvenuto Cellini [Overture]10'01 m196 Go to download page
Berlioz, H. 24The Damnation of Faust [3b Marche Hongroise]4'56 m256 Go to download page
Elgar, E. 66Crown of India Suite [1 Introduction and dance of na]16'13 m181/5 Go to download page
Sousa, J.P.Bullets and Bayonets3'48 m196 Go to download page
Sousa, J.P.Comrades of the Legion2'44 m196 Go to download page
Sousa, J.P.Hail to the Spirit of Liberty3'12 m160 Go to download page
Sousa, J.P.King Cotton2'57 m200 Go to download page
Sousa, J.P.La Reine de la Mer7'29 m200 Go to download page
Sousa, J.P.Looking Upward18'22 m200/3 Go to download page
Sousa, J.P.Manhattan Beach2'17 m200 Go to download page
Sousa, J.P.Presidential polonaise4'19 m200 Go to download page
Sousa, J.P.Sabre and Spurs3'17 m200 Go to download page
Sousa, J.P.Sound Off2'52 m200 Go to download page
Sousa, J.P.The Directorate2'48 m200 Go to download page
Sousa, J.P.The Fairest of the Fair3'51 m200 Go to download page
Sousa, J.P.The Glory of the Yankee Navy3'19 m164 Go to download page
Sousa, J.P.The Gallant Seventh3'21 m200 Go to download page
Sousa, J.P.The Invincible Eagle3'44 m215 Go to download page
Sousa, J.P.The Liberty Bell3'41 m200 Go to download page
Sousa, J.P.With Pleasure - Dance Hilarious2'45 m220 Go to download page
Sousa, J.P.Who's Who in Navy Blue2'51 m220 Go to download page
Wagner, R. 69Das Liebesmahl der Apostel10'46 m190 Go to download page
Wagner, R. 70Tannhäuser und der Sängerkrieg auf Wartburg [1 Overture]14'27 m200 Go to download page
Wagner, R. 75Lohengrin [prelude act 3, bridal chorus]6'33 m128 Go to download page
Wagner, R. 86ADas Rheingold [Prelude, entrance of the gods]12'01 m200 Go to download page
Wagner, R. 86CSiegfried [Funeral march and finale]10'29 m200 Go to download page

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Pass in Review

United States Air Force Academy Band, US Marine Band

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