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Vincent Persichetti

6 jun 1915 (Philidelphia) - 14 aug 1987 (Philidelphia)
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  • Presser Online - Biography from Presser with photographs, family, education, musical abilities, and compositional styles. Includes list of works, comments on major compositions, selected discography, and review excerpts.
  • Lied and Art Song text page
  • Emily Dickinson Songs, Opus 77: Vincent Persichetti - John Koopman's Unsung Songs features an analysis of the pieces, comparing them somewhat with Copland's treatment of the poet's work and also evaluating them on their own.
  • Persichetti (Vincent) Collection, 1945-1987 - New York Public Library listing of recordings of his own and others' works collected by the composer. Includes summary, administrative information, biography, scope and contents, organization and arrangement, and collection listing.
  • Persichetti, Vincent (1915 - 1987), United States - Biographical data, noted works and writings, recommended CDs, books, and sheet music, general bibliography, and links from Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers.
  • Vincent Persichetti - Listing at the Musicalics summarizes life and major works. Also notes certain famous students.

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