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Sergei Rachmaninov

1 apr 1873 (Onega) - 28 mar 1943 (Los Angelos)
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Opus TN
name cmt key instr year time genre
113 works
1 Piano Concerto No. 1 in F sharp minorRachmaninov revised this work in 1917.F#- 1891 24:30Piano concerto
2 Prelude & Oriental DanceTwo pieces for cello and piano. cel,pno1892 Prelude
3 Morceaux de fantaisie  pno1892 23:30 
4 6 Songs Op. 4   1890 18:30Song
5 Fantaisie-tableaux (Suite No. 1) for pianos G-pfh1893 22:30Fantasy
6 Romance and Hunagrian DanceTwo pieces for violin and piano. pno,vln1893 Romance
7 The Rock (Utyos)symphonic poem after Chekhov.  1893 Symphonic poem
8 6 Songs Op. 8   1893 14:30Song
9 Trio elegiaque no. 2  cel,pno,vln1893  
10 Morceaux de salon  pno1894 27:30 
11 6 morceaux  pno1894 26:00 
12 Capriccio on gypsy themesCaprice bohemien  1892 Capriccio
13 Symphony No. 1 in D minor D- 1895 40:00Symphony
14 12 Songs Opus 14   1896 23:30Song
15 6 choirs op. 15  cho  Choir
16 Moments Musicaux  pno1896 27:30 
17 Suite No. 2 for 2 pianos  pfh1900 17:30Suite
18 Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor C- 1900 34:30Piano concerto
19 Sonata for cello and piano in G minorfor guitar, cello and piano.G- 1901 40:00Sonata
20 Spring (Vesna)Text: 'The verdant Noise' by N.A. Nekrasov.   1902 Cantata
21 12 Songs Opus 21   1902 Song
22 Variations on a Theme of Chopin  pno1903 Variations
23 10 Preludes   1903 34:30Prelude
24 The miserly knight3 scenes based on the works of Pushkin.  1903 Opera
25 Francesca da RiminiPrologues, Two scenes and an epilogues based on Dante's Inferno - Canto 5  1900 Opera
26 15 Songs Opus 26   1906 35:30Song
27 Symphony No. 2 in E minor E- 1907 Symphony
28 Sonata No. 1 in D minor D- 1907 32:00Sonata
29 The Isle of the deadSymphonic Poem based on a painting by Bocklin.  1909 18:00Symphonic poem
30 Piano Concerto No. 3 in D minor D- 1909 43:00Piano concerto
31 Liturgy of St John ChrystostomA capella  1910 Choir
32 13 Preludes   1910 41:00Prelude
33 Etude-Tableaux 1 op. 33  pfh1911 25:15Etude
34 14 Songs Opus 34   1912 40:00Song
35 The bells (Kolokola)Based on poems by Edgar Allan Poe.  1913 35:30Choral symphony
36 Sonata No. 2 in B flat minor Bb-pno1913 20:30Sonata
37 Vespersa.k.a. All Night Virgil or Vsenoshehnoye. A capella.  1915 50:00Choir
38 6 Songs Opus 38   1916 17:00Song
39 Etude-Tableaux 2 op. 39  pno1917 36:00 
40 Piano Concerto No. 4 in G minorRachmaninov revised this work in 1941.G- 1909 29:30Piano concerto
41 3 Russian Songs op. 41Trois Chansons Russes cho,orc  15:00 
42 Variations on a Theme by Corelli     18:30Variations
43 Rhapsody on a Theme of PaganiniVariation 18 served as a theme in the movie "Somewhere in time". orc,pno  23:00Rhapsody
44 Symphony No. 3 in A minor A- 1936 36:30Symphony
45 Symphonic Dances   1940 32:00Symphonic dance
  42 variations on a Theme of Corelli  pno1931  
  Alekobased on Pushkin's 'The Gypsies'.  1893 Opera
  Arbenin's monologueFrom Maskarad (Lermontov).  1891 Song
  Arr. of Flight of the Bumble Bee (Rimsky-K.)  pno1931 1:15 
  Arr. of Liebesfreud (Kreisler)  pno1925 8:00 
  Arr. of Liebesleid (Kreisler)  pno1931  
  Arr. of Lullaby Op. 16 No. 1 (Tchaikovsky)  pno1941  
  Arr. of Lachtaubchen Op. 303 (Belu)  pno1911  
  Arr. of Minuet from Arlessiene Suite (Bizet)  pno1922  
  Arr. of Midsummer N. D. Scherzo (Mendelsohn)  pno193  
  Arr. of Sleeping beauty (Tchaikovsky)Spyashchaya Krasavitsa = Sleeping Beauty  1890 Piano duet
  Arr. of Sorochintsy Fair Hopak (Mussorgsky)In 1926 version for violin and piano. pno1924  
  Arr. of Symphony No. 6 (Glazunov)  pno1897  
  Arr. of The Star Spangled Banner (Smith)  pno1918  
  Arr. of Violin Partita in E major (Bach)BWV 1006 pno1933 12:00 
  Arr. of Wohin? (Schubert)  pno1925  
  At the gate of the holy abodeText by Lermontov.  1890 Song
  Again You leapt, my heart   1890 Song
  Boris Godunov2 monologues.  1891 Song
  C'etait en avril   1891 Song
  Cadenza for Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2  pno1919  
  Chorus of spirits for Don Juan   1894 Choral
  Deus meusFor 6 voices.  1890 Motet
  Do you remember the evening   1893 Song
  Elegie in E flat minor Eb-pno1892  
  EsmeraldaPiano score only. Act 1 and fragments of act 3.  1888 Opera
  Fughetta in F major F+pno1899  
  From the Gospel of St John   1915 Song
  Gavotte in D major D+pno1888  
  I shall tell you nothing   1890 Song
  Letter to K. S. Stanislavsky   1908 Song
  Mazepa   1890 Song
  Morceau de fantaisie in G minor G-pno1899  
  Melodie in E major E+pno1888  
  Monna VannaAct 1 and sketches for Act 2 - piano score only.  1907 Opera
  Night   1899 Song
  Nocturne No. 1 in F sharp minor F#-pno1887 Nocturne
  Nocturne No. 2 in F major F+pno1887 Nocturne
  Nocturne No. 3 in C sharp minor C#-pno1888 Nocturne
  O mother of God vigilantly prayingFor 3 voices.  1893 Choral
  Oriental Sketch  pno1917  
  2:18Polka de WR Ab- 1911 4:00Dances
  Piece in D minor D-pno1917  
  Prelude in D minor op. posthumous     Prelude
  Prelude in E flat minor Eb-pno1888 Prelude
  Polka Italienne for four hands   1906 Piano duet
  Prelude in F major1892: version for cello and piano. pno1891 Prelude
  Polchinelle in F sharp minor F#-pno1940  
  Prince RostislavAfter A. K. Tolstoy.  1891 Symphonic poem
  Panteley the healerbased on A. K. Tolstoy  1900 Choral
  Romance for cello and piano  cel,pno1890 Romance
  Romance for flute, cello and piano  cel,flu,pno1890 Romance
  Romance for violin and piano  vln,pno1890 Romance
  Romance in A major for six hands A+pno31891 Romance
  Romance in F sharp minor F#-pno1888 Romance
  Romance in G major for 4 hands G+pfh1893 Romance
  Russian Rhapsody in E minor for 2 pianos E-pno21891 8:00Rhapsody
  Salammbo7 scenes based on material by M. Slonov.  1906 Opera
  Serenade in B flat minor Bb-pno1940 Serenade
  Scherzo in D minor D- 1887 Scherzo
  Symphonhy in D minorFirst movement only.  1891 Symphony
  Song of the disillusioned   1893 Song
  String Quartet2 movements only.  1889 Choral
  Trio elegiaque no. 1Opus posth. cel,pno,vln1892  
  The flower has faded   1893 Song
  Twilight has fallenText by Tolstoy.  1891 Song
  Waltz in A major for six handsvalseA+ 1890 Piano trio
  Were you hiccoughingText by P. Vyazemsky.  1899 Song
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