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Carl Reinecke

23 jun 1824 (Altona) - 10 mar 1910 (Leipzig)
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Worklist for Carl Reinecke

Carl Heinrich Carsten Reinecke

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name cmt key instr year time genre
55 works
16String quartet no. 1 in E flat major Eb+stq1843 String quartet
224 Fantasiestücke for Clarinet and Piano  cla,pno  Fantasy
30String quartet no. 2 in F major  stq1851 String quartet
34Quartet for Piano and Strings in E flat major  pno,str1844 Piano quartet
42Cello sonata in A minor A-cel,pno1848 Cello sonata
433 Fantasiestücke for Viola and Piano  vla,pno  Fantasy
46Nussknacker und Mausekönig     Opera
47Minuetto for Strings     Menuet
63Ihr Hirten erwacht      
72Piano Concerto no 1 in F sharp minor F#- 1860 Piano concerto
75Frieden der Nacht      
79Symphony no 1 in A major A+orc1858 Symphony
82Cello concerto in D minor D- 1864 Cello concerto
83Quintet for Piano and Strings in A major  pno,str1866 Piano quintet
89Cello sonata in D major D+cel,pno1866 Cello sonata
93King ManfredKönig Manfred  1867 Opera
112Nocturne     Nocturne
117Glückskind und Pechvogel      
120Piano Concerto no 2 in E minor E- 1872 Piano concerto
132String quartet no. 3 in C major C+stq1874 String quartet
134Symphony no 2 in C minor, "Hakon Jarl" C-orc1874 Symphony
141Violin Concerto in G minor G- 1876 Violin concerto
144Piano Concerto no 3 in C major C+ 1877 Piano concerto
1463 Pieces for Cello and Piano  cel,pno   
154Aus "Tausend und eine Nacht"      
159a3 light piano trios     Piano trio
167Flute Sonata in E minor "Undine" E-flu,pno1882 Sonata
179Piano sonata for the left hand  pno1884 Piano Sonata
182Harp Concerto in E minor E-har,orc1884 Concerto
188Trio for Piano, Oboe and Horn in A minor A-pno,obo,hor1886  
194Zenobia     Opera
20216 Piano Pieces "Von der wiege bis zum Grabe"      
211String quartet no. 4 in D major D+stq1890 String quartet
216Octet for Fl, Ob, 2 Cl, 2 Hrn and 2 Bsn Bb+flu,obo,cla2,hor2,bsn2  22:30 
227Symphony no 3 in G minor     Symphony
230Piano trio op. 230     Piano trio
238Cello sonata in G major G+cel,pno  Cello sonata
239Kinder-Symphonie     Symphony
242Serenade in G minor  str1898 Serenade
249String trio in C minor C-   String Trio
254Piano Concerto no 4 in b minor B- 1900 Piano concerto
256Introduction and Allegro appassionato C-cla,pno  Allegro
264Trio for Clarinet, Viola, and Piano in A A+cla,vla,pno   
271Sextet for Fl, Ob, Cla, 2 Hrn and Bsn Bb+   19:30 
272Quartet for Piano and Strings in D majorA piano quartet in light style pno,str1904 Piano quartet
274Trio for Piano, Clarinet and Horn in B flat Bb+pno,cla,hor1905  
283Flute Concerto in D major D+ 1908 Concerto
284Sonata for Organ  org  Sonata
287String quartet no. 5  stq  String quartet
288Ballade for Flute and Orchestra  flu,orc  Ballade
 Auf hohen Befehl   1886 Opera
 Der Gouverneur von Tours   1891 Opera
 Ein Abenteuer Händels   1874 Operetta
W73Weihnachtslied "Es senkt sich hehr und leise"     Christmas song
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