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Ottorino Respighi

9 jul 1879 (Bologna) - 18 apr 1936 (Rome)
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Worklist for Ottorino Respighi

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name cmt key instr year time genre
54 works
30Preludio, corale e fuga     17:00 
59Burlesca     7:30 
110Violin and Piano Sonata in B minor  pno,vln  25:00Violin Sonata
141The pines of RomePini di Roma  1924 20:30Symphonic poem
1434 Scottish songsQuattro arie scozzesi  1924 Song
144Quartetto dorico   1924  
145Concerto in modo misolidio  orc,pno1925 Concerto
146Poema autunnale  orc,vln1925  
147Deità silvane  orc,voc1917 14:30 
148Rossiniana  orc1925 22:30 
1496 Pieces for ChildrenSei pezzi per bambini     
150Vetrate di ChiesaPainted Church Windows; 4 symphonic impressions orc1926 26:30 
1513 Botticelli pictures for small orchestraTrittico botticelliano per piccola orchestra orc1927 22:00 
152La campana sommersaThe Sunken Bell  1927 Opera
153Impressione brasilianeSuite brasiliana  1927 Symphonic suite
154Gli Uccelli  orc1928 Suite
155Canzone sarda  voc,pno1928 Song
156Toccata for piano and orchestra  orc,pno1928 Toccata
157Feste RomaneRoman Festivals orc1928 23:00 
158Preludio e fuga in D minorTransciption of work by Bach orc1929 Preludes and fugues
159PassacagliaTransciption of work by Bach orc1930 Passacaglia
1605 Etudes-tableaux     Etude
164Le funtanelle   1930 Song
 4 Liriche dal “Poema paradisiaco”texts by Gabriele D’Annunzio  1920 20:30Song cycle
 5 Canti All'antica   1906 Song cycle
 6 Liriche series IISei Liriche, seconda serie    Song cycle
 6 Liriche series I   1909 Song cycle
 Ancient airs and dancesThe first series (suite 1) was published in 1917. The second (suite 2) in 1923. Ancient Airs and dances is an example of Respighi's love to write old-sounding music. cha1917 31:00Dances
 Adagio con variazioni  cel1920 Adagio
 Aretusa  orc,voc1911  
 Ballata delle gnomidi  orc1920  
 Belfagor   1922 Opera
 Belkis, Regina di SabaBelkis, Queen of Sheba  1931 Ballet
 Concerto Gregoriano  vln1921 30:00Concerto
 Concerto in the Old Style  vln1908 Concerto
 Fountains of RomeFontane di Roma orc1916 15:00 
 Il Tramonto  orc,voc1914 15:00 
 La bella dormente nel bosco   1921 Opera
 La Boutique fantasqueThe Fantastic Toyshop  1919 Ballet
 La Fiamma   1931 Opera
 La primavera  orc,voc1918  
 Lauda per la natività del Signore  orc,voc1930  
 Lucrezia   1935 Opera
 Maria Egiziaca   1931 Opera
 Metamorphosen modi XII  orc1930  
 Nebbie     3:00Song
 Nevicata   1906 2:45Song
 Notturno  orc1905  
 Re Enzo   1905 Opera
 Sinfonia drammatica  orc1914 Sinfonia
 Semirama   1910 Opera
 The BirdsGli uccelli orc1927 18:30 
 Violin and Piano Sonata in D minor  pno,vln  Violin Sonata
 Variations for Cello and Piano  cel,pno  Variations
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