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Domenico Scarlatti

26 oct 1685 (Napels) - 23 jul 1757 (Madrid)

Son of Alessandro Scarlatti.

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Name/Genre/Year/Popularity K L
Allegretto in A Major (1;2m)    
Cibavit Nos Dominus (1;3m)    
Sonata K41 in D minor (2;5m) 41    
Sonata L104 in C major (1;2m) 159 104
Sonata L118 in F minor (4;7m) 466 118
Sonata L119 in F major (1;4m) 366 119
Sonata L120 in F major (1;4m) 541 120
Sonata L122 in D major (1;5m) 118 122
Sonata L138 in A minor (1;6m) 109 138
Sonata L164 in D major (1;5m) 491 164
Sonata L165 in D major (1;4m) 214 165
Sonata L179 in G major (1;2m) 152 179
Sonata L182 in G major (1;2m) 412 182
Sonata L184 in G major (1;4m) 454 184
Sonata L187 in F minor (1;6m) 481 187
Sonata L188 in F major (1;3m) 525 188
Sonata L21 in E major (1;7m) 162 21
Sonata L22 in E minor (2;3m) 198 22
Sonata L23 in E major (5;6m) 380 23
Sonata L233 in G major (1;5m) 103 233
Sonata L238 in A major (2;2m) 208 238
Sonata L241 in D major (1;6m) 54 241
Sonata L255 in C major (1;2m) 515 255
Sonata L262 in D major (2;4m) 535 262
Sonata L266 in D minor (2;3m) 517 266
Sonata L267 in D minor (1;7m) 52 267
Sonata L286 in G major (2;2m) 427 286
Sonata L294 in F sharp minor (2;3m) 447 294
Sonata L304 in G major (1;4m) 470 304
Sonata L314 in D major (1;2m) 511 314
Sonata L325 in E minor (1;3m) 98 325
Sonata L33 in B minor (5;6m) 87 33
Sonata L338 in G minor (1;2m) 450 338
Sonata L343 in D minor (1;6m) 434 343
Sonata L345 in A major (1;4m) 113 345
Name/Genre/Year/Popularity K L
S   (continued)
Sonata L349 in G major (3;3m) 146 349
Sonata L352 in C minor (2;3m) 11 352
Sonata L358 (1;2m) 95 358
Sonata L360 in C minor (1;2m) 22 360
Sonata L366 in D minor (3;3m) 1 366
Sonata L382 in F minor (1;5m) 69 382
Sonata L384 in F major (1;4m) 17 384
Sonata L390 in G minor (1;2m) 4 390
Sonata L391 in A major (1;2m) 39 391
Sonata L396 in B flat major (1;4m) 551 396
Sonata L41 in A major (1;5m) 268 41
Sonata L413 "Pastorale" in D minor (3;4m) 9 413
Sonata L423 in D minor (3;6m) 32 423
Sonata L427 in E minor (1;9m) 402 427
Sonata L428 in A major (1;2m) 209 428
Sonata L430 in E major (4;3m) 531 430
Sonata L432 in F major (1;3m) 44 432
Sonata L449 in B minor (7;4m) 27 449
Sonata L457 in C major (1;9m) 132 457
Sonata L458 in C major (1;2m) 527 458
Sonata L461 in D major (1;6m) 29 461
Sonata L465 in D major (2;5m) 96 465
Sonata L480 in F minor (1;4m) 365 480
Sonata L483 in A major (1;3m) 322 483
Sonata L487 in G major (1;1m) 125 487
Sonata L488 in G minor (1;3m) 8 488
Sonata L497 in B flat major (1;4m) 544 497
Sonata L500 in B flat major (1;2m) 545 500
Sonata L58 in D minor (1;2m) 64 58
Sonata L80 in G major (1;3m) 79 80
Sonata L86 in G major (1;5m) 520 86
Sonata L93 in A minor (1;2m) 149 93
Sonata LS10 in D major (1;4m) 335 S10
Sonata LS2 in C major (1;4m) 420 S2
Sonata LS3 in C major (1;7m) 513 S3

Explanation (2;5m) or (2;5m;v)
2 number of artists with performances for this work
5m duration in minutes of longest performance (rounded)
v (optional) for this work a video is available

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