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Jean Sibelius

8 dec 1865 (Hämeenlinna) - 20 sep 1957 (Ainola)
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Worklist for Jean Sibelius

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name cmt key instr year time genre
122 works
15 Christmas songs5 julsånger.  1895 Song
22 pieces op. 2  pno,vln1888  
3Ariososopr.+orch/piano. sop,orc/pno1911 Song
4String quartet in B flat major Bb+ 1890 String quartet
5Impromptus6 parts  1890 Impromptus
6Cassazione in 4 mvmtsFor orchestra.  1904 Cassation
7KullervoStory from Kalevala.  1892 Symphonic poem
8The lizard (Ödlan)In 2 acts  1909 Opera
9Satu (en saga)  orc1892  
10Karelia overtureKarelia-alkusoitto. For orchestra. Originally overture for opus 11.  1893 Overture
11Karelia suiteKarelia-sarja. For Orchestra. Based on tableau music composed for the Viborg student nation at Helsinki University.  1893 15:00Suite
12Sonata in F major  pno1893 Sonata
137 songs7 sånger pno,voc1892  
14Rakastava (The lover)3 Kanteletar: old finish magic songs.  1893 Song cycle
15Skogsrået (The wood-nymph)Ballade for orchestra.  1894 Ballade
16Spring songKevätlaulu = Vårsång = la tristesse du printemps. 'Impromptu for orchestra. orc   
177 songs op. 17   1904 Song cycle
189 lauluaNumbering is disputed. A capella songs. Laulua = lieder = songs.  1893 Song
19ImpromptuA.k.a Gossar och flickor {Thou, who guid'st the stars}. cho,orc1902  
20MalinconiaFantasia cel,pno1900 Fantasy
21Natus in curas (Hymn)   1896 Hymn
22Lemminkäinen-suiteStory from the Kalevala. pno1893  
2410 Pieces for Piano op. 24  pno1903  
25Scènes historiques no 1Inspired by the Kalevala orc1899 Suite
26Finlandia,: HymnThis is My Song orc1899 3:30 
27King Christian II   1898 Opera
28Sandels   1898  
29Snöfrid   1900  
30The breaking of the ice on the River UleåIslossningen i Uleå älv spe,mch,orc1899  
313 pieces (songs) op. 31   1904 Song
32Origin of FireTulen synty bar,mch,orc1902 Song
33Rapids-shooter's bridesKoskenlaskijan morsiamet voc,orc/pno1897 Ballade
3410 Pieces for Piano op. 34  pno1913 Bagatelle
352 Songs op. 35   1908 Song cycle
366 Songs op. 36   1900 Song cycle
375 Songs op. 37   1902 Song cycle
385 Songs op. 38     Song cycle
39Symphony no 1 in E minor     39:00Symphony
4010 Pensées lyriques for Piano  pno1916 17:00 
42Romance in C major (Andante) C+ 1904 5:00Romance
43Symphony no 2 in D major     44:30Symphony
44Kuolema (Death)6 scenes for strings and percussion orchestra, written for a drama by his brother in law Arvid Järnefelt. The whole work was not published, but fragments were (op. 44:1, 44:2, 62:1 and 62:1). Valse Triste (op. 44:1) became very popular. str,pcs1903 Opera
44:1Valse TristeFrom Kuolema (op. 44). pno  6:00 
44:2Scene with cranesScen med tranor. Kurkikohtaus. From Kuolema (op. 44).  1906  
452 Poems for orchestra  orc1910 Poem
46Pelléas et Mélisande  orc1905 Suite
47Concerto in D minor for violin and orchestraRevised in 1905.  1903 31:00Violin concerto
48The Captive QueenVapautettu kuningatar cho,orc1906  
49Pohjola's daughterPohjolan tytär  1906 Symphonic fantasy
506 Songs op. 50   1906 Song cycle
51Belshazzar's FeastBelsazar's gästabud  1907  
52Symphony no 3 in C major "English"   1907 29:30Symphony
53Pan and EchoPan ja Kaiku. Dance Intermezzo no. 3. orc1906 Dances
54SwanwhiteSvanevit. Also as suite.  1908 Opera
54sSwanwhite (suite)Svanevit  1909 Suite
55Nightride and sunriseÖinen ratsastus & auringon nousu orc1908  
56String Quartet in D minor "Voces intimae"   1909 31:00String quartet
578 songs for singer and piano   1909 Song
5810 Pieces for Piano op. 58  pno1909  
59In memoriamFuneral march  1909 March
60Twelfth NightTrettondagsafton.
Famous songs are:
Kom nu hit, Död (Come hither, Death)
Hållilå, uti storm och i regn (Heisa hopsa, by rain and wind)
  1909 Opera
618 Songs op. 61  voc,pno1910 Song cycle
62:1Canzonetta "Rondino der Liebenden"From Kuolema (op. 44). orc1911  
62:2Valse romantique "Walzer-intermezzo"From Kuolema (op. 44).  1911 Waltz
63Symphony no 4 in A minor   1911 8:29:00Symphony
64The BardBarden orc1913  
652 Partsongs op. 65   1911 Song
66Scènes historiques no 2  orc1912 Suite
673 SonatinesPiano solo pno1912 Sonatina
682 Rondinos for Piano  pno1911  
692 Serenades for Violin and Orchestra  vln,orc1912 Serenade
70Luonnotar  sop,orc/pno1913 Song
71Scaramouche   1913 Opera
726 Songs op. 72  voc,pno1915 Song cycle
73OceanidesAallottaret orc1914  
744 Lyric Pieces for Piano  pno1914  
755 pieces "the trees"  pno1914  
7613 Pieces for Piano op. 76  pno1911  
772 Pieces for Violin/Cello and Orchestra  vln/cel,orc1914  
784 Pieces for Violin/Cello and Piano op. 78  cel/vln,pno1915  
796 Pieces for Violin and Piano op. 79  vln,pno1916  
80Sonatina for Violin and Piano in E major  vln,pno1915 Sonatina
815 Pieces for Violin and Piano op. 81  vln,pno1918  
82Symphony no 5 in E flat major Eb+ 1915 32:00Symphony
83EverymanJokamies. Jedermann.  1916 Opera
845 pieces for male choir op. 84Composed for the choir "Muntra Musikanter". mch1917  
855 Pieces for Piano op. 85 "Flowers"Les Fleurs. pno1917  
866 Songs op. 86   1916 Song cycle
872 Humoresques for Violin and Orchestra  vln,orc1917 Humoresque
886 Songs op. 88 "The Flowers"  voc,pno1917 Song cycle
894 Humoresques for Violin and Orchestra  vln,orc1917 Humoresque
906 Runeberg Songs  voc,pno1917 Song cycle
912 Marches  mch,pno1921 March
92Our Native LandOma maa "Kallio". mch,orc1918 Cantata
93The Song of the EarthJordens sång. mch,orc1919 Cantata
946 pieces for piano solo op. 94  pno1919  
95Hymn of the earth (Maan virsi)  mch,orc1920 Cantata
963 pieces op. 96Pieces 1 and 3 are for piano solo. Piece 2 is for 2 voices and orchestra or piano. pno1919  
97Bagatelles op. 97  pno1920 Bagatelle
98aSuite mignonne   1921 Suite
98bSuite champêtre  sor1921 Suite
998 Petits morceaux for Piano solo op. 99  pno1922  
100Suite caractéristique   1922 Suite
1015 Romantic Pieces for PianoMorceaux romantiques. pno1923  
102Novellette for Violin and Piano  vln,pno1922  
103Characteristic impressions  pno1924  
104Symphony no 6 in D minor D-orc1923 29:00Symphony
105Symphony no 7 in C major C+orc1924 23:30Symphony
1065 Danses champêtres  pno,vln1925 Dances
1073 Introductory antiphons   1925 Antiphon
1082 pieces for male choir a capella  mch1925 Song
109The TempestStormen  1925 Opera
110Väinö's SongVäinön virsi mch,orc1926 Cantata
1112 Pieces for organ  org1925  
112Tapiola  orc1926  
113Masonic Ritual Music1926 - 1946.  1927  
1145 Esquisses for PianoLuonnoksia pno1929  
1154 Pieces for Violin and Piano op. 115  vln,pno1929  
1163 Pieces for Violin and Piano op. 116  vln,pno1929  
117Suite for Violin and Strings  vln,str1930 Suite
 Andante festivoArranged for orchestra in 1930.  1922 6:00String quartet
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