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21 oct 1962 (Skövde) -
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Sven Fredrik Johannes Sixten (born 21 October 1962) is a Swedish composer, cathedral organist and conductor. Sixten was born in Skövde, Sweden. He earned his Bachelor of Arts (1986) at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm. He studied composition with Professor Sven-David Sandström and is now recognized as one of Sweden's best-known composers of church music.[citation needed] He is published at all major publishing houses in Sweden.

He was the conductor of Gothenburg's boys choir between 1997 and 2001. Today he is the cathedral organist of Härnösand's Cathedral. His music is represented on several CD recordings and as a conductor one of his five CD's went gold.[citation needed] His music has been performed on Swedish Radio, e.g. his En svensk Markuspassion for two choirs, chamber orchestra and soloists (2004). The Jazz mass was performed 1999 on Swedish television. Among his other compositions are Prelude et Fugue (1986), Triptyk (2004), Messa Misteriosa (2002) for solo organ, String Quartet (1985), Sonatas for violin and piano, and cello and piano (1985), Cantata for the St. Lucia for choir, soprano solo and string orchestra (1984), 5 hymns for the Church of Sweden's Hymnal, Stabat mater for cello solo and choir (SSAA), Sonata for organ (2006), Chaconne for string quartet (2007) and Three sacred Dances for choir (SSAA), string quartet and piano (2007). "Requiem" for string orchestra, 2 horns and timpani, choir and two soloists (soprano and bass) is also published in an English version.

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