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John Philip Sousa

6 nov 1854 (Washington D.C.) - 6 mar 1932 (Reading, PA)
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Worklist for John Philip Sousa

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168 works
A Century of Progress   1931 March
Across the Danube (Opus 36)   1877 March
America First   1916 March
Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company   1924 March
At the King's Court   1904 Suite
Ben Bolt   1888 March
Bonnie Annie Laurie   1883 March
Boy Scouts of America   1916 March
Bugles and Drums     March
Bullets and Bayonets   1919 3:45March
Camera Studies   1920 Suite
Chris and the Wonderful Lamp   1899 Operetta
Columbia's Pride   1914 March
Comrades of the Legion   1920 2:45March
Congress Hall   1882 March
Congressional Honors     March
Corcoran Cadets   1890 March
Cubaland   1925 Suite
Daughters of Texas   1929 3:00March
Desiree   1893 Operetta
Dwellers of the Western World   1910 Suite
Easter Monday On The White House Lawn  brb  2:30March
El Capitan (march)   1896 2:15March
El Capitan (operetta)   1895 Operetta
Esprit de Corps   1878 March
Flags of Freedom   1918 2:15March
Florine u 1881 Operetta
Foshay Tower Washington Memorial   1929 March
From Maine to Oregon   1913 March
George Washington Bicentennial   1930 March
Globe and Eagle   1879 March
Golden Jubilee   1928 March
Guide Right   1881 March
Hail to the Spirit of Liberty   1900 March
Hands Across the Sea   1899 2:45March
Harmonica Wizard   1930 March
Homeward Bound   1892 March
Imperial Edward   1902 March
Impressions at the Movies   1922 Suite
In Memoriam (Garfield's Funeral March)   1881 March
Jack Tar   1903 2:30March
Kansas Wildcats   1931 March
Katherine   1879 Operetta
Keeping Step with the Union   1921 March
King Cotton   1895 March
La Flor de Sevilla   1929 March
La Reine de la Mer  brb  7:00March
Leaves from My Notebook   1922 Suite
Liberty Loan   1917 March
Looking Upward   1902 18:30Suite
Magna Charta   1927 March
Manhattan Beach   1893 2:15March
March of the Mitten Men (Power and Glory)   1923 March
March of the Pan Americans   1916 March
March of the Royal Trumpets   1892 March
Marquette University March   1924 March
Mikado March   1885 March
Mother Goose   1883 March
Mother Hubbard March   1885 2:30March
New Mexico   1928 March
Nobles of the Mystic Shrine   1923 3:30March
Old Ironsides   1926 March
On Parade (The Lion Tamer)   1892 March
On the Campus   1920 March
On the Tramp   1879 March
Our Flirtation   1880 March
People Who Live in Glass Houses   1909 Suite
Pet of the Petticoats   1883 March
Powhattan's Daughter   1907 March
President Garfield's Inauguration March O131   1881 March
Presidential polonaise  brb  March
Prince Charming   1928 March
Recognition March   1880 March
Resumption March   1879 March
Review (Opus 5)   1873 March
Revival March   1876 March
Riders for the Flag   1927 2:15March
Right Forward   1881 March
Right-Left   1883 March
Sabre and Spurs   1918 3:00March
Salutation l 1873 March
Semper Fidelis   1888 March
Sesqui-Centennial Exposition March   1926 March
Solid Men to the Front   1918 3:30March
Sound Off   1888 March
Stars and Stripes Forever, theThis is the official march of the United States of America.  1896 3:30March
Tales of a Traveler   1911 Suite
Tally-Ho! (song)   1885 Song
Tally-Ho! Overture   1886 Overture
The American Maid (The Glass Blowers)   1909 Operetta
The Atlantic City Pageant   1927 March
The Aviators   1931 March
The Beau Ideal   1893 3:15March
The Belle of Chicago   1892 March
The Black Horse Troop   1924 3:15March
The Bride Elect (march)   1897 2:30March
The Bride Elect (operetta)   1897 Operetta
The Chantyman's March   1918 March
The Charlatan   1898 March
The Charlatan (The Mystical Miss)   1898 Operetta
The Circumnavigators Club   1931 March
The Crusader   1888 March
The Dauntless Battalion   1922 March
The Devil's Deputy u 1893 Operetta
The Diplomat   1904 March
The Directorate   1894 2:30March
The Fairest of the Fair   1908 March
The Federal   1910 March
The Free Lance (march)   1906 March
The Free Lance (operetta)   1905 Operetta
The Gallant Seventh   1922 3:00March
The Gladiator   1886 2:30March
The Glory of the Yankee NavySousa wrote this march for the musical comedy The Yankee Girl  1909 3:00March
The Golden Star   1919 March
The Gridiron Club   1926 March
The High School Cadets   1890 2:30March
The Honored Dead   1876 March
The Honors March  brb  March
The Invincible Eagle   1901 March
The Irish Dragoon   1913 Operetta
The Lambs' March   1914 March
The Last Days of Pompeii   1893 Suite
The Legionaires   1930 March
The Liberty Bell   1893 3:15March
The Loyal Legion   1890 March
The Man Behind the Gun   1899 March
The Minnesota March   1927 March
The National Game   1925 2:45March
The Naval Reserve   1917 March
The New York Hippodrome   1915 3:30March
The Northern Pines   1931 March
The Occidental   1887 March
The Pathfinder of Panama (   1915 March
The Phoenix March l 1875 March
The Picadore   1889 March
The Pride of Pittsburgh (Homage to Pittsburgh   1901 March
The Pride of the Wolverines   1926 March
The Queen of Hearts   1885 Operetta
The Quilting Party March   1889 March
The Rifle Regiment   1886 3:00March
The Royal Welch Fusiliers No. 1   1929 March
The Royal Welch Fusiliers No. 2   1930 March
The Salvation Army   1930 March
The Smugglers   1882 Operetta
The Thunderer   1889 March
The Triton   1892 March
The Victory u 1915 Operetta
The Volunteers   1918 March
The Washington Post   1889 2:30March
The White Plume   1884 March
The White Rose   1917 March
The Wildcats (Salute to Kansas)   1930 March
The Wolf   1888 Operetta
The Wolverine March   1891 2:00March
Three Quotations   1895 Suite
Transit of Venus   1883 March
Triumph of Time   1885 March
U.S. Field Artillery   1917 March
Universal Peace   1925 March
University of Illinois   1929 March
University of Nebraska   1928 March
Untitled march   1930 March
USAAC March   1918 March
Wedding March   1918 March
Who's Who in Navy Blue   1920 2:45March
Wisconsin Forward Forever   1917 March
With Pleasure - Dance Hilarious  brb  March
Yorktown Centennial   1881 March
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