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Rayner Taylor

1747 (Soho) - 17 aug 1825 (Philadelphia)
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Worklist for Rayner Taylor

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27 works
Amyntor: a pastoral song   1795 Song
Bonny Willy   1804  
Buxom Joan   1778  
Capocchio and Dorinna   1793  
Hark Hark the Joy Inspiring Horn   1809  
Ma Chere, et Mon Cher   1804  
Monody   1799  
Nancy of the Vale: a pastoral ballad   1795 Song
Old Woman of Eighty Three   1793  
Pizarro, or The Spaniards in Peru   1800 Opera
Rustic Festivity   1807  
Sonata no. 4 in D for cello and bc     Cello sonata
Sonata no. 6 in C for cello and bc     Cello sonata
The Aethiop, or The Child of the Desert   1813 Opera
The American Captives Emancipation   1806  
The Beech Tree's Petition   1815  
The Camel's Bell   1814  
The Iron-Chest      
The Kentucky Volunteer   1794  
The Lass of the Cot   1795  
The Merry Piping Lad: a ballad in the Scots taste   1795  
The Shipwreck'd Mariner      
The Wand'ring Village Maid   1795  
The Wounded Soldier   1794  
Vive la Liberté: a new song   1795 Song
When Death's Gloomy Angel Was Bending His Bow   1814  
While the Morn is Inviting to LoveA favorite song  1797 Song
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