Viktor Ullmann

1 jan 1898 (Teschen) - 18 oct 1944 (Auschwitz)
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Worklist for Viktor Ullmann

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name cmt key instr year time genre
26 works
1Quartet for Strings no 1     String quartet
3aVariations and double Fugue on a theme of Arnold Schönberg     Variations
4Concerto for Orchestra     Concerto
10Sonata for Piano no 1     Piano Sonata
176 Lieder     Song cycle
185 Liebeslieder     Song cycle
19Sonata for Piano no 2     Piano Sonata
206 Geistliche Lieder      
23Slavonic Rhapsody     Rhapsody
26Sonata for Piano no 3     Piano Sonata
293 Sonette aus dem Portugiesischen     Poem
30Liederbuch des Hafis     Song cycle
346 sonnets de Louïze Labé     Poem
36Der Zerbrochene Krug      
38Sonata for Piano no 4     Piano Sonata
45Sonata for Piano no 5     Piano Sonata
46Quartet for Strings no 3     String quartet
47Der Mensch und sein Tag      
49Sonata for Piano no 6     Piano Sonata
533 Jiddische Lieder (3), "Brezulinka"     Song cycle
 3 Lieder nach Meyer     Song cycle
 Abendphantasie     Fantasy
 Hölderlin Lieder     Song cycle
 Immer inmitten      
 Sonata for Piano no 7Ullmann completed his Seventh Sonata in Terezin (Theresienstadt) shortly before being transported to Auschwitz-Birkenau. Inevitably, these tragic circumstances color one's perception of this piece and make it all the more poignant. But by all standar  1944 23:00Piano Sonata
 Symphony no 2 in D major     Symphony
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