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Louis Vierne

8 oct 1870 (Poitiers) - 2 jun 1937 (Paris)
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Worklist for Louis Vierne

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name cmt key instr year time genre
61 works
1Allegretto for Organ     Allegro
2Tantum ergoFor 1 to 4 voices. voc01886  
3Ave Maria  sop/ten  Hymn
4Prélude funèbre  org1896 Prelude
52 pieces for violoncelloOr for viola and piano. cel1895  
6Largo and Canzonetta  obo   
72 Pieces for piano  pno   
8Communion  org1900  
9Feuillets d'album  pno   
102 Songs op. 10     Song
113 Songs op. 11   1896 Song
12String Quartet  stq1894 String quartet
133 Songs op. 13   1899 Song
14Symphony No. 1 in D Minor for organ  org1899 Symphony
15Ave verum  sop/ten1899 Hymn
16Messe Solennelle in C sharp minorSolemn High MassC#-cho,org21900 Mass
17Burgundian Suite  pno1899 Suite
183 Mélodies op. 18   1897 Song
19Dors, chère PrunelleSleep, dear Prunella  1898 Song
20Symphony No. 2 in E Minor for organ  org1903 Symphony
22Praxinoëlyric legend orc,voc0,cho1905 Opera
23Sonata for Violin and Piano  vln,pno1906 Sonata
24Symphony for orchestra  orc1908 Symphony
25Rhapsody for harp  har1909 Rhapsody
263 Songs op. 26   1903 Song
27Cello and Piano Sonata in B minor  cel,pno1910 Sonata
28Symphony No. 3 in F sharp minor for organ  org1911 Symphony
29Stances d'amour et de rêve   1912 Song
30Messe basseLow Mass org/har1912 Mass
3124 Pieces in free style24 Pièces en Style Libre org/har1913  
32Symphony No. 4 in G minor for organ G-org1914 Symphony
33Psyché  voc,orc/pno1914 Symphonic poem
343 Nocturnes for Piano  pno1916 Nocturne
35Les Djinns  voc,orc/pno1912 Symphonic poem
3612 Preludes for Piano  pno1921 Prelude
37Eros  voc,orc/pno1916 Symphonic poem
38Spleens et Détresses   1916 Song
39Cloches funèbres  pno1918  
40Romancevocalise  1907 Romance
41Dal Vertice  tenn,orc/pno1917 Ode
42Piano Quintet in C minor  vln2,vla22,cel/pno1917 Piano quintet
43Silhouettes d'enfantsChildren's Silhouettes  1916  
44Solitude  pno1918  
455 Poèmes de Baudelaire  voc,pno1921  
46Marche TriomphaleTriumphal March for the Napoleon Centennary. bra,tim,org1921 March
47Symphony No. 5 in A minor for organ A-org1923 Symphony
48Poème de l'Amour  voc,pno1924 Song
49Thus spoke Zarathustra  pno1922 Poem
50Poème pour piano et orchestre  pno,orc1925 Poem
51Pièces de fantaisie, Premier SuiteFantasies for organ org1926 Fantasy
52Ballade for violin and orchestra  vln,orc1926 Ballade
53Pièces de fantaisie, Deuxieme Suite  org1926 Fantasy
54Pièces de fantaisie, Troisième Suite  org1927 Fantasy
55Pièces de fantaisie, Quattrieme Suite  org1927 Fantasy
56Soirs étrangersEvenings Abroad pno,cel1928  
57Les Angelus  voc,org/orc1929 Hymn
58Triptyque  org1931  
59Symphony No. 6 in B minor for organ  org1930 Symphony
604 Poèmes grecs  voc,har/pno1930 Poem
61Ballade du désespéré  ten,orc/pno1931 Ballade
62Messe basse pour les défuntsLow Mass for the Dead org/har1934 Mass
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