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2 dec 1883 (Vienna) - 15 sep 1945 (Mittersill)

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bookGeorge Perle Serial Composition and Atonality: An Introduction to the Music of Schoenberg, Berg, and Webern
University of California Press, 1991; ISBN 0520074300; 178 pages
Widely recognized as the definitive work in its field ever since its original publication in 1962, Serial Composition and Atonality remains an unsurpassed introduction to the technical features of what is probably the most revolutionary body of work since the beginnings of polyphony. In the analysis of specific compositions there is first and last of all a concern with the musical surfacean attempt to trace connections and distinctions there before offering any deeper-level constructions, and to offer none where their effects are not obvious on more immediate levels of musical experience. In this sixth edition of the book, George Perle employs the new and more consistent terminology for the identification of transpositional levels of twelve-tone sets that he first proposed in Twelve-Tone Tonality (1977). Price indication: $ 50.00
bookKathryn Bailey The Life of Webern (Musical Lives)
Cambridge University Press, 1998; ISBN 0521575664; 237 pages
On September 15, 1945 the composer Anton Webern was shot in confusing circumstances in a small mountain village near Salzburg. The world lost a composer of extreme originality whose mature music was still almost unknown. When Webern's works did come to light, he immediately became one of the most influential figures in music of the second half of this century. This book focuses on several aspects of Webern's life that have been treated only briefly in earlier accounts: his youthful instability, his often embarrassing dependence on Schoenberg, his naive nationalism and his absolute belief in the value of the brief moments of music he produced. Price indication: $ 25.99
bookMalcolm Hayes Anton Von Webern (20th-Century Composers)
Phaidon Press, 1995; ISBN 0714831573; 240 pages
A concise biographical study of the life and work of Anton von Webern. The book explores the idea that modern music is obscure by setting Webern's technical advances against the Romantic inheritance of 19th century Austro-Germany. The text traces the development of Webern and his music. Born into the aristocratic, musical heritage of Vienna, Webern launched his career at the University at the turn of the century. He became interested in Renaissance vocal music, and this early interest influenced his compositions throughout his life. As Schoenberg's pupil, he became a follower of the 12-note technique, and combined this with his love of chamber music to create his own sound. Despite a prolific rate of composition in his early years, Webern's musical output is small and tends towards brevity. He was accidently shot and killed in the Allied occupation of Austria. This text is part of the 20th-century composers series, examining composers in a biographical context, and offering a comprehensive study of key figures in the creation of 20th-century music. None of the books in the series presume a knowledge of specialized terms or musical notation. Each book in the series features a list of works, a bibliography, and a discography. Price indication: $ 24.95
bookIgor Stravinsky and Anton Webern and Alban Berg Works for String Quartet
Dover Publications, 2005; ISBN 0486442926; 64 pages
This impressive volume brings together three major 20th-century chamber works: Berg's String Quartet No. 1, Op. 3 ; Stravinsky's Three Pieces for String Quartet ; and Webern's Five Movements for String Quartet . Reprinted from authoritative sources, these works reflect the influence of Arnold Schoenberg and the musical sea changes of the early decades of the twentieth century. Price indication: $ 9.95
bookMichael Mejia Forgetfulness : A Novel
FC2, 2005; ISBN 1573661228; 260 pages Price indication: $ 10.85
bookKathryn Bailey and Arnold Whittall The Twelve-Note Music of Anton Webern : Old Forms in a New Language (Music in the Twentieth Century)
Cambridge University Press, 2004; ISBN 0521547962; 476 pages
This important new study reassesses the position of Anton Webern in twentieth-century music. The twelve-note method of composition adopted by Anton Webern had profound consequences for composers of the next generation such as Stockhausen and Boulez, who saw Webern's music as revolutionary. In her detailed analyses, however, Professor Bailey demonstrates a fundamentally traditional aspect to Webern's creativity, when describing his own music. Professor Bailey analyses all Webern's twelve-note works (from Op. 17 to Op. 31) i.e. the instrumental and vocal music written between 1924 and 1943. These analyses draw on sketch material recently made available at the Paul Sacher Foundation in Basel and include transcriptions of little-known drafts and sketches. A most valuable aspect of the book is the inclusion in appendices of such materials as a complete explanation of the row content of each work, the correct prime form of each of the rows from Op. 20 onwards, with a matrix constructed for each, and exhaustive row analyses. Price indication: $ 58.00
bookAllen Forte The Atonal Music of Anton Webern
Yale University Press, 1998; ISBN 0300073526; 416 pages
In this book an eminent musical theorist presents the first systematic and in-depth study of the early atonal works of avant-garde Austrian composer Anton Webern. Analyzing such elements as pitch, register, timbre, rhythm, form, and text setting, Allen Forte shows how Webern displaced the functional connections of traditional tonality to create a totally new sonic universe. Composers of the Twentieth Century Series Allen Forte, general editor . Price indication: $ 56.00
bookKathryn Bailey Webern Studies
Cambridge University Press, 1996; ISBN 0521475260; 395 pages Price indication: $ 85.00
bookAnne C. Shreffler Webern and the Lyric Impulse: Songs and Fragments on Poems of Georg Trakl (Studies in Musical Genesis and Structure)
Oxford University Press, 1995; ISBN 0198162243; 278 pages Price indication: $ 89.50
bookJulian Johnson Webern and the Transformation of Nature
Cambridge University Press, 2000; ISBN 0521661498; 284 pages Price indication: $ 90.00
Knopf, 1979; ISBN 0394472373; 803 pages Price indication: $ 249.99
bookAnton Webern The Anton Webern Collection: early vocal music 1899-1909
Carl Fischer Music, 2004; ISBN 0825856590; 92 pages
This collection of songs from a master composer centers on the use of romantic lyricism during his early compositional period. This scholarly work with detailed notes by editor Matthew R. Shaftel, focuses on songs written before university, during his university years and while under the tutelage of his mentor Arnold Schoenberg. The songs are lyrical and reflect Webern’s love of nature. The pieces in this book include 23 songs that have been revised and corrected from earlier printings, as well as the printing of five previously unpublished songs. This unique repertoire is great for recitals and is wonderful for the serious lieder singer. Price indication: $ 29.95
bookHerbert Eimert Anton Webern
European Amer Music Dist Corp, 1958; ISBN 3702401512; 100 pages Price indication: $ 14.95
bookRené, Leibowitz Schoenberg and His School: The Contemporary Stage of the Language of Music (Da Capo Paperback)
Da Capo Press, 1975; ISBN 0306800209; 305 pages Price indication: $ 2.75
bookBryan R. Simms Schoenberg, Berg, and Webern
Greenwood Press, 1999; ISBN 0313296049; 424 pages
Schoenberg, Berg, and Webern, modern composers living in Vienna near the turn of the 20th century are examined in a broad artistic context illustrating how their works grew from earlier Viennese musical developments. Presenting a coherent analysis of a central school of modern musical composition, the essays compare the modernism in these artists' music to that in the nonmusical arts in Vienna at the time. A prominent musical phenomenon during the period, the Second Viennese School of Music would exert a profound impact on European and American composers in the decades following World War II. The recent discoveries and critical perspectives on the composers discussed in these essays detail new information on central aspects of their work, including the origins of atonal composition, the 12-tone method, and the literary models that often inspired their works. Coherent and current, this collection of essays offers unique insight into the personalities and artistic accomplishments of these three major figures who introduced modernism to music. Price indication: $ 112.95
bookWalter Kolneder Anton Webern : An Introduction to His Works
Greenwood Press Reprint, 1982; ISBN 031323342X; 232 pages Price indication: $ 38.50
bookHans Moldenhauder Anton Von Webern Perspectives (Da Capo Press music reprint series)
Da Capo Pr, 1978; ISBN 0306775182; 191 pages Price indication: $ 39.95
bookWalter Kolneder Anton Webern; an introduction to his works: Translated by Humphrey Searle
University of California Press, 1968; 232 pages Price indication: (used only): from $ 19.95
bookZoltan Roman Anton von Webern: An annotated bibliography (Detroit studies in music bibliography)
Information Coordinators, 1983; ISBN 0899900143; 219 pages Price indication: (used only): from $ 40.00
bookFriedrich Wildgans Anton Webern
October House, 1967; 185 pages Price indication: (used only): from $ 28.00

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