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Anton Webern

2 dec 1883 (Vienna) - 15 sep 1945 (Mittersill)
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Worklist for Anton Webern

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name cmt key instr year time genre
39 works
1Passacaglia for Orchestra   1908 Passacaglia
2Entflieht auf Leichten Kaehnen  cho1908 Song
35 Songs from Der Siebente Ring  voc,pno1909 Song cycle
45 Songs on poems of Stefan George   1909 Song cycle
55 movements for String Quartet   1909  
66 Pieces for Large Orchestra  orc1909  
74 pieces for violin and Piano  pno,vln1910 4:30 
82 Songs of Poems of Ranier Maria Rilke   1910  
96 Bagatelles for String Quartet  stq1911 5:00Bagatelle
105 Pieces for Orchestra  orc1911  
113 Little Pieces for Violincello and Piano  cel,pno1914  
124 Songs for Voice and Piano  voc,pno   
134 Songs for Voice and Orchestra  voc,orc  Song cycle
146 Songs on Poems of George Trakl  voc,cha   
155 Sacred Songs  voc,cha   
165 Canons on Latin Texts     Canon
173 Traditional Rhymes      
183 Songs op. 18  voc,cha1925 Song cycle
192 Songs op. 19  cho,cha1926  
20String Trio   1927  
21Symphony  orc1928  
22Quartet  vlc,cla,sax,pno1930  
233 Songs From "viae inviae"  voc,pno1934  
24Concerto  cha1934  
253 Songs on Poems of Hildegard JoneDie Freunde voc,pno1934 Song cycle
26Das Augenlicht ("Durch unsre offnen Augen")Text: "viae inviae" - Hildegard Jone cho,orc1935 Song
27Variations for Piano  pno1936 6:00Variations
28String Quartet  stq1938 String quartet
29First Cantata  sop,cho,orc1940 Cantata
30Variations for Orchestra  orc1940 Variations
31Second Cantata  sop,bas,cho,orc1943 Cantata
 2 Pieces for cello and piano  cel,pno1899 5:00 
 3 Avenarius songs     Song cycle
 3 orchestral songs     Song cycle
 3 poems for voice and pianoDrei Gedichte für Gesang und Klavier    Song cycle
 4 songs     Song cycle
 8 Early songsAcht frühe Lieder    Song cycle
 Langsamer SatzString Quartet "Lansam mit bewegtem Ausdruck"  1905 9:00String quartet
 Suleika sprichtDer Spiegel sagt mir: ich bin schön    Song
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