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Thomas Weelkes

25 oct 1576 (Elstedt) - 30 nov 1623 (London)
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Worklist for Thomas Weelkes

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55 works
A remembrance of my friend Thomas Morley     Hymn
All At Once Well Met     Hymn
All laud and praise     Hymn
Alleluia, I heard a voice     Hymn
As Vesta Was From Latmos Hill Descending     Hymn
Cease now delight     Hymn
Cease Sorrows Now     Hymn
Come Sirrah Jacke hoe     Hymn
Cries of London     Hymn
Death hath deprived me     Hymn
Deliver us, O Lord     Hymn
Evening Service for 5 Voices     Hymn
Four hands, two necks, one wreathing  lut   
Fowre armes two neckes     Hymn
Give Ear, O Lord     Hymn
Give the king thy judgements     Hymn
Gloria in Excelsis Deo     Hymn
Ha ha! this world doth pass     Hymn
Hark all Ye Lovely Saints     Hymn
Hark I hear some dancing     Hymn
Hosanna to the Son of David     Hymn
If King Manasses     Hymn
In the Pride of May     Hymn
Laboravi in gemitu meo     Hymn
Lachrimae Pavan     Hymn
Like two proud armies     Hymn
Lord, to thee I make my moan     Hymn
Lord! when I think     Hymn
Most mighty and all-knowing Lord     Hymn
Noell, adew thou courts delight     Hymn
O Care, Thou Wilt Dispatch Me     Hymn
O how amiable are thy dwellings     Hymn
O how happy he whom thou protect'st     Hymn
O Jonathan, Woe is Me     Hymn
O Lord, arise into thy resting place     Hymn
O Lord, Grant the King a Long Life     Hymn
On the Plains, Fairy Trains     Hymn
Service for Trebles     Mass
Shoot False Love I Care Not     Madrigal
Since Robin Hood     Song
Sing we at pleasure     Song
Some men desire spouses     Song
Strike it Up, Tabor     Hymn
Sürprise Für Elise     Song
Tan ta ra, cries Mars     Song
The Ape, The Monkey And The Baboon     Hymn
The Nightingale, The Organ of Delight  lut   
Those sweet delightful lilies     Song
Though My Carriage be But Careless     Madrigal
Thule, The Period of Cosmography     Hymn
To Shorten the Winter's Sadness     Hymn
What have the gods     Hymn
What joy so true     Hymn
When David heard that Absalom was slain     Hymn
Young Cupid Hath Proclaimed     Hymn
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