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Thomas Fürstberger (Organ)

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Bach, J.S. 541Prelude and Fugue in G major7'41 m192 Go to download page
Bach, J.S. 610Jesu, mein Freude2'40 m192 Go to download page
Bédard, D.Prelude et Toccata sur „Victimae Paschali Laudes“5'32 m320 Go to download page
Boëllmann , L. 25Suite Gotique12'54 m320 Go to download page
Buxtehude, D. 160Ciacona in E minor5'32 m192 Go to download page
Dubois, T.Toccata for Organ No. 3 in G Major8'40 m192 Go to download page
Fletcher, P.E.Festival Toccata6'53 m320 Go to download page
Franck, C. 30Prélude, Fugue et Variation10'24 m192 Go to download page
Franck, C. 38Chorale for Organ No. 1 in E major15'09 m192 Go to download page
Franck, C. 39Chorale for Organ No. 2 in B minor14'19 m192 Go to download page
Franck, C. 40Chorale for Organ No. 3 in A minor12'07 m192 Go to download page
Guilmant, A. 42Symphony No. 1 for Organ and Orchestra26'48 m192 Go to download page
Guilmant, A. 86Sonata for Organ no 6 in B minor [1,2,3]19'45 m192/3 Go to download page
Karg-Elert, S. 6566 Choral-Improvisationen [5 Freu dich sehr, o meine Seel]1'38 m320 Go to download page
Langlais, J.Incantation pour un Jour Saint4'50 m192 Go to download page
Liszt, F. 658Evocation a la Chapelle Sixtine15'00 m192 Go to download page
Merkel, G.A. 45Variations on a theme from Beethoven op. 10917'21 m192 Go to download page
Messiaen, O.La Nativitée du Seigneur [9 Dieu parmi nous]7'48 m192 Go to download page
Reger, M. 57Variations and Symphonic Fantasy & Fugue [1 Variations on "God save the ]8'11 m192 Go to download page
Reger, M. 5912 Organ Pieces "Orgelmesse" [9 Benedictus; Des-dur]5'10 m320 Go to download page
Roger-Ducasse, J.Pastorale in F for organ13'19 m192 Go to download page
Stanford, C.V. 149Sonata for Organ no 116'49 m320 Go to download page
Vierne, L. 3124 Pieces in free style [20 Pastorale]4'50 m320 Go to download page
Vierne, L. 55Pièces de fantaisie, Quattrieme Suite [3 Cathédrales]12'24 m192 Go to download page

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