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19 mar 1873 (Brand) - 11 may 1916 (Leipzig)

Books about Max Reger and his music

bookChristopher Anderson Max Reger and Karl Straube: Perspectives on an Organ Performing Tradition
Ashgate Publishing, 2003; ISBN 0754630757; 434 pages
Max Reger (1873-1916) is perhaps best-known for his organ music. This quickly assumed a prominent place in the repertory of German organists due in large measure to the efforts of Reger's contemporary Karl Straube (1873-1950). The personal and collegial relationship between the composer and performer began in 1898 and developed until Reger's death. By that time, Straube had established himself as an important artist and teacher in Leipzig and the central authority for the interpretation of Reger's organ music. The Reger-Straube relationship functioned on a number of levels with decisive consequences both for the composition of the music and its interpretation over a period fraught with upheaval on sociopolitical, religious and aesthetic fronts. This book evaluates the significance of the relationship between the composer and organist using primary source materials such as autograph performing manuscripts, reviews, programmes, letters and archival sources from contemporary organ building. The result is a much enhanced understanding of Reger in terms of performance practice and reception history, and a re-examination of Straube and, more broadly, of Leipzig as a musical centre during this period. Price indication: $ 99.95
bookMax Reger On the Theory of Modulation
Reprint Services Corp, 1993; ISBN 0781296633; 50 pages Price indication: $ 59.00
bookChristopher Anderson Selected Writings Of Max Reger
Not Avail, 2005; ISBN 0415973821; 192 pages
Max Reger (1873-1916) was a celebrated German composer, performer on piano and organ, and conductor. Well known for his compositions for keyboards and orchestra, Reger worked during the crucial decades when Western music transformed itself from the misty veil of Romanticism and Impressionism to the more hard-edged modernism that would prevail in the 20th century. Less well known are his writings about music and the composer's craft. Although he wrote a major book on music theory published in 1903 (and translated into English a year later), his extended essays on composition, his fellow composers, and analysis have never appeared before in English. Christopher Anderson, a noted Reger scholar, has gone back to original manuscripts as well as the published versions of these writings to produce definitive new texts. Additionally, Anderson has written an opening essay placing Reger's writings and music in the context of his time. This volume will appeal strongly to those interested in the Late Romantic era; musical composition and aesthetics; and of course those interested in the music and life of Reger. Price indication: $ 95.00
bookHelmut Brauss Max Reger's music for solo piano: An introduction
University of Alberta Press, 1994; ISBN 0888642555; 251 pages
Although controversial Bavarian composer Max Reger eventually became well established as a composer for organ music, his piano music is virtually unknown. This book discusses the solo piano pieces that show Reger's most original creation in this genre, are rewarding concert pieces, or have substantial pedagogical value. Price indication: $ 4.60
bookWilliam E. Grim Max Reger: A Bio-Bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in Music)
Greenwood Press, 1988; ISBN 0313253110; 281 pages Price indication: $ 88.95
bookEberhard Otto Max Reger: Sein Weg von Weiden in die Welt, 1873-1916
Buchhandlung Taubald, 1986; ISBN 3924783020; 98 pages; in German Price indication: $ 45.41
bookHelmut Wirth Max Reger in Selbstzeugnissen und Bilddokumenten (Rowohlts Monographien)
Rowohlt, 1982; ISBN 3499502062; 178 pages; in German Price indication: (used only): from $ 104.50

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