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Max Reger

19 mar 1873 (Brand) - 11 may 1916 (Leipzig)
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Worklist for Max Reger

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name cmt key instr year time genre
208 works
1Violin Sonata no. 1 in D minor D- 1890 Violin Sonata
2Piano Trio no. 1 in B minor   1891 Piano trio
3Violin Sonata no. 2 in D major D+ 1891 Violin Sonata
46 Lieder für eine Singstimme und Klavier   1891 Song cycle
5Cello Sonata no. 1 in F minor   1892 Cello sonata
63 Songs for Choir SATB and piano   1892  
73 pieces op. 7  org1892  
85 Songs op. 8   1892 Song cycle
912 Waltz-Caprices for 4-hand Piano  pfh1892 Capriccio
1020 German Dances for 4-hand Piano  pfh1892 Dances
117 Waltzes for Piano  pno1893 Waltz
125 Songs in the style of Franz Schubert op. 12     Song cycle
13Lose Blätter for Piano  pno1894  
145 Duets   1894 Duet
1510 Lieder für eine Singstimme und Klavier   1894 Song cycle
16Suite for organ in E minor E-org1894 Suite
17Aus der Jugendzeit  pno1895  
188 Improvisations for Piano  pno1896 Improvisation
192 Spiritual Songs for Medium Voice and Organ  voc,org1898 Song
205 Humoresques for piano  pno  Humoresque
21Hymne an den Gesang  cho,orc/pno1898 Song
226 Waltzes for 4-hand Piano  pfh1898 Waltz
234 Lieder für Singstimme mit Klavierbegleitung  voc,pno1898 Song cycle
246 Pieces for Piano op. 24  pno   
25Aquarellen for Piano  pno   
267 fantasiestücke for piano  pno1898  
27Chorale Fantasia for Organ "Eine Feste Burg"  org1898 Fantasy
28Cello Sonata no. 2 in G minor   1898 Cello sonata
29Fantasia and fugue in C minor C-org1898 Fantasy
30Chorale Fantasia for Organ "Freu' dich sehr"  org1898 Fantasy
316 Poems for Medium Voice op. 31   1898 Poem
327 Character Pieces for Piano  pno1899  
33Sonata in F sharp minor F#-org1899 Sonata
345 pittoresque Pieces for 4-hand Piano  pfh1899  
356 Lieder für Singstimme mit Klavierbegleitung  voc,pno1899 Song cycle
369 Bunte Blätter for Piano  pno1899  
375 Gesaenge fuer eine mittlere Stimme   1899 Song cycle
387 Songs for Male Chorus     Song
393 Sechsstimmige Chöre     Choir
402 choral fantasies for organ  org1899 Fantasy
41Violin Sonata no. 3 in A major A+   Violin Sonata
424 Violin Solo Sonatas   1900 Violin Sonata
438 Songs op. 32   1900 Song
4410 Kleine Vortragsstücke  pno1900  
456 Intermezzi for Piano  pno1900  
46Fantasy and Fugue on the Name B-A-C-H  org1900 Fantasy
476 Trios for organ  org1900  
487 Songs for medium voice   1900 Song
492 Sonatas for Viola/Clarinet   1900 Sonata
49:1Clarinet Sonata No. 1 in A flat major  cla  Clarinet sonata
49:2Clarinet Sonata No. 2 in F sharp minor     Clarinet sonata
502 Romances for Violin and Small Orchestra  vln,orc1900 Romance
5112 Songs op. 51     Song
523 choral fantasies for organ  org1900 Fantasy
537 Silhouettes for Piano   1900  
542 String Quartets  stq  String quartet
54:1String Quartet no. 1 in G minor G-   25:30String quartet
54:2String Quartet no. 2 in A major A+   19:30String quartet
5515 Lieder op. 55   1901 Song
565 Easy preludes and fugues  org1901 Preludes and fugues
57Variations and Symphonic Fantasy & Fugue  org1901 29:00Symphonic fantasy
586 burlesks for piano 4 hands  pfh1901  
5912 Organ Pieces "Orgelmesse"  org1901  
60Sonata for organ no. 2 in D minor D-org1901 Sonata
61a8 settings of Tantum ergo   1901 Other religious
61b4 settings of Tantum ergo for SA/TB and Organ   1901 Other religious
61c4 settings of Tantum ergo for 4-part Choir and organ   1901 Other religious
61d8 Marienlieder     Other religious
61e4 Marienlieder for SATB and Organ   1901  
61fFour Marienlieder for 4-part Choir and Organ   1901 Other religious
61g6 Trauergesänge for Choir   1901 Other religious
6216 Gesänge     Song
63Monologue for Organ  org1902  
64Piano Quintet no. 2 in C minor   1902 Piano quintet
6512 Organ pieces op. 6512 Stücke für Orgel org1902  
6612 Songs op. 66   1902 Song
6752 leicht ausführbare VorspieleEasy Chorale Preludes. org   
686 Songs op. 68   1902  
6910 Pieces for organ  org1903  
7017 Gesänge op. 70     Song
71Gesang der Verklärten  cho,orc1903 Song
72Violin Sonata no. 4 in Cmajor   1903 Violin Sonata
73Variations and fugue on an original theme F#-org1903 Variations
74String Quartet no. 3 in D minor D-   48:30String quartet
7518 Gesänge     Song cycle
76Schlichte WeisenSimple Songs  1903 Song cycle
77aSerenade no. 1 in D major  flu,vln,vla1904 Serenade
77bString Trio no. 1 in A minor   1904 String Trio
78Cello Sonata no. 3 in F major   1904 Cello sonata
79a10 Pieces for Piano op. 79a  pno1904  
79b13 small choral preludes for organ  org1904 Prelude
79c8 Songs op. 79c   1904 Song
79dSuite for Violin and Piano   1904 Suite
79eCaprice and Kleine Romanze  cel,pno1904  
79f14 Chorales for 4-, 5- or 6-part Choir   1904 Song
8012 pieces for organ  org1904  
81Variations and Fugue on a Theme of J.S. Bachtheme taken from 4th mvt. aria (duet) of Cantata BWV128  1904 Variations
82Aus meinem Tagebuch35 pieces for piano pno1904  
8310 Gesänge fur Männerchor   1904 Song cycle
84Violin Sonata no. 5 in F sharp minor F#- 1905 Violin Sonata
854 Preludes for organ  org1905 Prelude
86Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Beethoven  pno21904 Piano duet
872 Compositions for Violin and Piano  vln,pno1905 Romance
884 Songs op. 88   1905 Song
894 Sonatines for Piano  pno1905 Sonatina
90Sinfonietta in A major  orc1905 Sinfonietta
917 Violin Solo Sonatas  vln1905 Violin Sonata
92Suite for organ no. 2 in G minor G-org1905 Suite
93Suite in old style for Violin and Pianoarr. for orchestra in 1916F+vln,pno1906 Suite
93aLargo for Violin and Organ "In the old style"  pno,vln   
946 Pieces for 4-hand Piano  pfh1906  
95Serenade for orchestra G+orc1906 Serenade
96Introduction, Passacaglia and Fugue for 2 Pianos B-pno21906  
974 Lieder op. 97   1906 Song
985 Gesänge op. 98   1906 Song
996 Preludes and Fugues for Piano  pno1907 Preludes and fugues
100Variation and Fugue on a Theme of J.A.Hiller E+org1907  
101Violin Concerto in A major A+ 1908 Violin concerto
102Piano Trio no. 2 in E minor E-vln,cel,pno1908 Piano trio
103aSuite for Violin and Piano in a-minorHausmusik no. 1A-vln,pno1908 Suite
103b2 little Sonatas for Violin and PianoHausmusik 2 vln,pno1909 Violin Sonata
103b:1Violin Sonata no. 6 in D minor D-   Violin Sonata
103b:2Violin Sonata no. 7 in A     Violin Sonata
103c12 little Pieces on his own songs from op. 76Hausmusik 3 vln,pno1908  
1046 Lieder op. 104   1907 Song
1052 Spiritual Songs for Mezzo/Baritinone and OrganTwo Spiritual Songs for Mezzo/Baritinone and Organ/Harmonium/Piano sop/bar,org/hrm/pno1907 Song
106Psalm 100 C-cho,orc1909  
107Clarinet Sonata in B flat Major Bb+ 1909 Clarinet sonata
108Symphonic Prologue to a Tragedy A-orc1908 Symphonic fantasy
109String Quartet no. 4 in E flat major Eb+ 1909 35:30String quartet
1103 Five-Part Motets (3 Fünfstimmige Motetten)   1909 Motet
111a3 Duets for Soprano, Alto and Piano  sop,alt,pno1909 Song
111b3 Songs for 4-part Female Choir  fch1909 Song
111c3 Songs for 3-part Female Choirarrangement of op. 111b  1909 Song
112Die NonnenThe nuns cho,orc1909  
113Piano Quartet no. 1 in D minor D- 1910 Piano quartet
114Piano Concerto in F Minor F- 1910 Piano concerto
1158 episoden for piano  pno1910  
116Cello Sonata no. 4 in A minor A- 1910 Cello sonata
1178 Preludes and Fugues for Solo Violin  vln1912 Preludes and fugues
118String sextet in F major F+vln2,vla2,cel21910 String sextet
119Die Weihe der Nacht  alt,mch,orc1911 Song
120Eine Lustspielovertüre  orc1911 Overture
121String Quartet no. 5 in F sharp minor F#- 1911 35:30String quartet
122Violin Sonata no. 8 in E minor E- 1911 Violin Sonata
123Concerto in the Olden Style F+orc1912 Concerto
124An die Hoffnung  alt/sop,orc/pno1912 Song
125A Romantic Suite after J.F. Eichendorff  orc1912 Suite
126Römischer Triumphgesang  mch,orc1912 Song
127Introduction, Passacaglia and Fugue E-org1913  
1284 Tone Poems After A. Böcklin  orc1913  
1299 Pieces for Organ  org1913  
130Ballet Suite in D major D+orc1913 16:00Ballet
131a6 Preludes and Fugues for Solo Violin  vln1914 Preludes and fugues
131b3 Duos for 2 Violins "im alten Stil"Canons and Fugues vln21914  
131c3 Cello Suites  cel1915 Suite
131d3 Solo Viola Suites  vla1915 Suite
132Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Mozart  orc1914 33:30Variations
133Piano Quartet no. 2 in A minor A- 1914 Piano quartet
134Variations and Fugue on a theme by Telemann  pno1914 Variations
135a30 kleine Choral Vorspiele  org1914 Prelude
135bFantasia and Fugue for organ in D minor D-org1916 Fantasy
136Hymnus der Liebe  bar/alt,orc1914 Song
13712 Spiritual Songs with Piano/Harmonium/Organ   1914 Other religious
1388 geistliche Gesänge   1914 Song cycle
139Violin Sonata no. 9 in C minor C-   Violin Sonata
140Eine vaterländische Ouvertüre     Overture
141aSerenade no. 2 in G major     Serenade
141bString Trio no. 2 in G minor     String Trio
14312 little pieces for piano  pno   
144bRequiem   1915 Requiem
146Clarinet quintet in A major A+cla  35:00 
 111 Canons in all major and minor tonalities  pno1895 Canon
 20 Responsorien for Choir  cho1911 Other religious
 3 Album leafs for Piano   1899  
 4 Pieces for Piano   1906  
 4 Spezialstudien for Piano left hand  pno1901 Etude
 5 Cantatas   1905 Cantata
 6 Chorale Preludes for Organ   1908 Prelude
 An Zeppelin  mch,cch1909 Song
 Befiehl dem Herrn deine WegeTrauungslied sop,alt,org  Song
 Blätter und Blüten  pno1902  
 Caprice for Cello and Piano A-cel,pno1901 Capriccio
 Castra vetera   1890 Incidental music
 Etude Brillante for Piano C-pno1896 Etude
 Fughetta on "das Deutschlandslied"  pno1916 Fugue
 Grüsse an die Jugend  pno1898  
 Gloriabuntur in te omnes  cho1898  
 Heroide D-orc1889  
 Introduction and Passacaglia for Organ in D minor D-org  9:00Passacaglia
 In der Nacht  pno1902  
 Lyric Andante "Liebestraum"  str1898 Andante
 Lasset uns den Herren preisenfor 5-part Choir cho1911 Other religious
 Marsch der Stiftsdamen  pno1914 March
 Maria Himmelsfreud!  cho1900 Other religious
 Palmsonntagsmorgen  cho1902 Song
 Prelude for Violin in E minor E-vln1915 Prelude
 Piano Quintet no. 1 in C minor     Piano quintet
 Romanze for Hamonium A-hrm1904 Romance
 Sylvester-Canonen  cho1913 Canon
 Scherzino for French Horn and Strings  hor,str1899 Scherzo
 Scherzo for two String Quartets G-stq21892 Scherzo
 String Quartet no. 0 in D minor D-   String quartet
 Tantum ergo sacramentum  cho1895 Other religious
 Variations and Fugue on "Heil unserm König" C+ 1901 Variations
 Vater unserfor 12-part Choir cho1909 Other religious
 Weihegesang A+cho,wor1908 Song
 Wind Serenade   1904 Serenade
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