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Franz von Suppé  

Die leichte Kavallerie


Light Cavalry

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Operas by Franz von Suppé

Die schöne Galathee (1865)
Leichte Kavallerie (1866)
Boccaccio (1879)

Leichte Kavallerie (Light Cavalry) is an operetta in three acts by Franz von Suppé, with a libretto by Karl Costa. It was first performed in the Carltheater, Vienna on 21 March 1866.

While much of the operetta remains in relative obscurity, the overture is one of von Suppé's most well-known pieces. Many orchestral groups have the piece in their repertoire (including the Boston Pops Orchestra, which made a popular recording of it), and the main theme of the overture has been quoted numerous times by musicians, cartoons and other media.


Role Voice type Premiere Cast, 21 March 1866
Bums, the mayor bass
Apollonia, his wife contralto
Jimber Pankraz, a grocer spoken
Eulalia, his wife mezzo-soprano
Weissling, the baker spoken
Dorothea, his daughter soprano
Kitt, a glazier spoken
Regina, his daughter soprano
Vilma, an orphan soprano
Hermann, Vilma's lover tenor
Janos, a hussar bass
Stefan, a hussar
Carol, a hussar


The overture has been recorded, amongst others, by:

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