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Karol Szymanowski

6 oct 1882 (Timosjovska) - 29 mar 1937 (Lausanne)

Books about Karol Szymanowski and his music

bookChristopher Palmer Szymanowski (BBC Music Guides)
British Broadcasting Corp., 1983; ISBN 0563201363; 104 pages Price indication: $ 90.98
bookAlistair Wightman Karol Szymanowski: His Life and Work
Ashgate Publishing, 1999; ISBN 1859283918; 492 pages
Despite wide recognition during his own lifetime, the works of the Polish composer Karol Szymanowski (1882-1937) were somewhat overlooked in the decades following his death. In this study of Szymanowski's life and music, Alistair Wightman explores the composer's position as a constant outsider in his own country, yet as a "good European" in the ways in which he arrived at an accommodation with such diverse figures as Stravinsky, Strauss, Berg, Hindemith, Prokofiev and Ravel. The book throws light on Szymanowski's relationship to the Polish musical establishment, the reception of his works at home and abroad, his work as an educationalist, and the essentially European dimension of his art, drawing upon letters, polemical writings, verse, theatrical sketches and the memoirs of family, friends and contemporaries. All of Szymanowkski's significant works are discussed, and illustrated with 200 music examples. Evaluation is made of the close links existing between the composer's musical and literary works from the earliest stages of his career, as well as the various ideological strands that went together to form the humanistic synthesis characteristic of his mature work. Price indication: $ 124.95
bookTeresa Chylinska Karol Szymanowski: His Life and Works (Polish Music History Series)
University of Southern California School of M, 1993; ISBN 0916545008 Price indication: $ 33.00
bookStephen C. Downes Szymanowski, Eroticism and the Voices of Mythology (Royal Musical Association Monographs)
Royal Music Association/Ashgate, 2003; ISBN 094785410X; 128 pages
This title examines Szymanowski's exploration of the relationship between the authorial voice, mythology and eroticism within the context of the crisis of the modern subject in Western culture. Stephen Downes examines mythological and erotic aspects of selected songs from the composer's early career, moving to an interpretation of the voice of the homoerotic lover, embodied as a mad muezzin, in terms of heroic notions of Orphic elegy. Discussing the encounters of King Roger with the voices of Narcissus, the Siren and Dionysus, Downes shows how the composer uses the unifying Christ/Eros figure as a means of indicating that the King might be transformed from anguished despot to loving expressive subject. The book ends with an examination of Szymanowski's attempts to fuse Slavonic and Middle-Eastern mythological inspirations in an attempt to fulfil a utopian vision of a pan-European culture bound together by the spirit of Eros. Price indication: $ 74.95
bookStephen C. Downes Szymanowski As Post-Wagnerian: The Love Songs of Hafiz, Op. 24 (Outstanding Dissertations in Music from British Universities)
Garland Publishing, 1994; ISBN 0815316348; 364 pages Price indication: $ 41.95
bookNo author Karol Szymanowski: An anthology
Interpress, 1986; ISBN 8322321120; 216 pages Price indication: $ 12.47
bookJim Samson The music of Szymanowski
Taplinger, 1981; ISBN 0800875397; 220 pages Price indication: (used only): from $ 10.80
bookTeresa Chylinska Szymanowski (Library of Polish Studies : Vol 1)
Kosciuszko Foundation, 1973; ISBN 0917004043 Price indication: (used only): from $ 3.77
bookKarol Szymanowski Szymanowski on Music (Musicians on Music,)
Toccata Press, 1999; ISBN 0907689388; 390 pages Price indication: $ 49.95

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