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Karol Szymanowski

6 oct 1882 (Timosjovska) - 29 mar 1937 (Lausanne)
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Worklist for Karol Szymanowski

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name cmt key instr year time genre
53 works
19 Preludes  pno1900  
3Variations in B flat minor Bb-pno1903 Variations
44 studies  pno1902 13:00 
5Fragments from Poems by Jan Kasprowicz      
6Salome  orc1907  
8Sonata No. 1 in C minor C-pno1904 Sonata
9Violin Sonata op 9 D- 1904 21:30Violin Sonata
10Wariacje na polski temat ludowyVariations on a Polish Folk ThemeB-pno1904  
12Concert Overture in E major E+ 1905 Overture
14Fantasy  pno1905 13:00Fantasy
15Symphony No. 1 in F minor F- 1907 Symphony
1712 Songs      
18Penthesilea  orc1910  
19Symphony No. 2 in B flat major Bb+orc1910 Symphony
21Sonata No. 2 in A major A+pno1911 Sonata
22Buntelieder     Song
23Romance in D major D+pno,vln1910 Romance
25Hagith   1913 Opera
26Piesni milosne Hafiza8 lovesongs of Hafiz orc1914  
27Symphony No. 3, "Pesn o nocy""Song of the Night".  1916 Symphony
28Nocturne and Tarantella  cha1915 11:00Nocturne
29MetopyMetopes: trois poèmes. pno1915 15:00 
30Mity3 Myths cha1915  
31Piesni ksiezniczki z basni6 Songs of a fairy-tale princess. orc1933  
3312 studies  pno1916  
34Maski3 masques for piano pno1916 22:00 
35Violin Concerto no. 1Vivace Assai  1916 26:00Violin concerto
36Sonata No. 3  pno1917 Sonata
37String Quartet No. 1 in C major C+ 1917 String quartet
37bDemeter  orc1917  
39Agave  orc1917  
403 Paganini Caprices  cha1918 Capriccio
42Piesni muezina szalonegoSongs of the infatuated muezzin orc1934  
43Mandragora   1920 Opera
46Król Roger  orc1924  
46bSlopiewnie  orc1928  
483 Lullabies     Song
5020 Mazurkas  pno1925  
51Prince Potemkin      
52KolysankaLa berceuse d'Aïtacho Enia cha1925  
53Stabat mater  orc1926 28:00 
547 Songs to words by James Joyce     Song cycle
55HarnasieFirst performed in 1935. Ballet-pantomime.  1931 34:00Ballet-pantomime
56String Quartet No. 2  pno1927 String quartet
57Veni Creator  orc1930  
58Kurpie Songs for Chorus     Choir
59Litania do Marii PannyLitany to the Virgin Mary orc1933  
60Symphony no. 4 "concertante"aka Symphonie concertante  1932 23:00Symphony
61Violin Concerto No. 2  orc1933 Violin concerto
622 mazurkas  pno1934  
 4 Polish dances  pno1926  
 Loteria na mezów   1909 Opera
 Prelude and Fugue in C sharp minor C#-pno1905 Prelude
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